Wall Décor

Do you feel like there’s just something missing from your home’s décor, especially your walls? When prints and photos don’t give you that stylish, pulled-together look, try wall décor from Decocrated. Our selection of wall hanging décor ranges from metal wall art to textiles. 

When you treat your walls like a gallery, things start to come together. Our modern farmhouse wall accents add depth, texture, and form to flat wall surfaces, weaving walls seamlessly into the overall look of your rooms.

At Decocrated, our home décor experts curate pieces that will give your home a photo-ready look while still retaining the coziness of your rooms. Become a member, so you can gain access to purchase from our full collection today!

A note about pre-sale items

We’re sorry. Pre-sale items cannot be purchased with other products. Please complete your purchase first before continue.