Decorative Pillows

When your sofa needs something extra, spruce it up with decorative pillows from Decocrated. Tufted, textured, graphic, or with solid color, our accent pillows will brighten your couch or armchair.

Choose pillows shaped for lumbar support, or select a shape that adds geometric contrast to your furnishings. Decorative throw pillows can give you that casually stylish, coordinated look you seek. Or they can add a pop of color and some fun graphics to lighten up the mood. Our modern farmhouse pillows fit on any kind of sofa to bring subtle style to the forefront in your living room.

When you need help with home décor, join Decocrated’s community of home décor enthusiasts to access all our curated items and our unique subscription home décor boxes. You’ll find coordinated items in our boxes that are just right for your coffee or hall tables, bookshelves, and walls.

A note about pre-sale items

We’re sorry. Pre-sale items cannot be purchased with other products. Please complete your purchase first before continue.