Hey Decocrated Family! Question for ya! ;) Are you a #summerforever type or a #bringonfall person? August always makes me feel so many feelings. I want to make summer last but I’m also so eager to pull out my sweatshirt and leggings and light a smelly candle. Anyone else?? Haha!

Today I want to share a few fun crafts and activities I’ve been planning for my kids to get them excited for the changing seasons!

Knuckle Pumpkin Painting

There’s nothing better than a kid friendly activity that takes almost no effort to set up, that’s why we love knuckle pumpkin painting! Simple grab your orange and green paint, a paint brush or sponge, Q tips, and some paper! If your kids are old enough, have them close their non-dominant hand into a fist and paint their knuckles with orange paint with the other hand! Assist the smaller children as needed! Then, simply stamp their painted knuckles on the paper to make little pumpkin-like paint blobs. It’s so cute to watch these come to life! Then have them use a Q tip or paint brush to add greenery to the top! Simple and so fun!

Pumpkin Themed Sensory Bin

This activity is always a hit at my house for both my kids (ages 2 and 4). Have them “put on their binoculars” and help you search for small objects around the house that are orange and green! Add the objects to a plastic tub or sensory bin as they find them! You don’t need mini pumpkins, but if you have anything fall themed, add those as well! Once you feel like there are enough toys in the bin, add your sensory bin medium of choice. We love to use rice or oats but you can also use water…we’ve even used quinoa once haha! Fill the tub with whatever you choose, enough to cover the bottom about an inch or two. Set the tub outside or on your kitchen table and watch the creativity unfold!

Ice Cube Pumpkin Search

This is a fun one for me (oh and the kids)! I enjoy it because it’s one of the easiest and cleanest activities out there. I do this often with my kids and they always love it! The theme can be anything, but today it’s pumpkins! Basically the night before, fill your ice cube tray with water + any random dollar store fall-themed plastic toys. The next day, throw the ice cubes in the yard or on the patio table outside and tell your kids to search the yard for tools to save the toys! Macey (my four year old) usually opts for a rock to slowly chip away at the ice, while my youngest Harrison, likes to pour water from our water table on the ice until it melts. Either way, or anyway, they choose to claim their treasure ends up being so fun!

What types of pumpkin activities do you like to do with your kids? We love to hear in the comments below!