To me, my bathroom is my safe haven. I start and end my day in the bathroom, Whether it’s brushing my teeth and washing my face in the morning or de-stressing in a long shower and applying face masks late at night. Needless to say – with the help of my five-step skincare routine – I spend a lot of time in my bathroom space. For that reason, it is really important for me to have a clean and organized space for the best possible day and night vibes. Here is how I keep my bathroom organized with the help of the lovely, Decocrated!  

First off, my bathroom always needs to be clean. I invest a lot of time and energy every Sunday into deep cleaning my bathroom, Clorox wipes, and all! If my bathroom doesn’t smell like roses with a hint of cleaning product chemicals, I have not done my job. But in all seriousness, I live by the mantra, “Clean life, happy life.” Yes, I just made that up, but it’s definitely true! Thus, before organizing/decluttering, take the time to really clean your bathroom; put your back into it! There’s a stigma around things feeling and looking cleaner when it’s all white, but I’m living proof that a darker bathroom color scheme can still look clean and be organized!  

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Now onto the fun part! Of course, everyone’s bathroom is different, so we’re all working with different spaces; organizing my bathroom to best fit my needs was definitely no easy feat. I’m really just working with one vanity with a double door cabinet and a mirror with storage. That’s it. So, for me, getting more storage was priority number one. To solve that problem, I bought a bathroom caddy with multiple tiers that allow for ample amounts of storage. I organize that based on importance and usage. On the top, I have all of my body creams and lotions as well as my toner and micellar water (my Holy Grail). One level down, all of my perfumes and hair ties are located. As you go down, less important things are found such as face masks and miscellaneous items.

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Located in my vanity mirror are lots of my day-to-day products such as face creams, SPF, and toothpaste. My mirror includes everything I am constantly using in the morning and at night that I need swift and easy access to at all times. Prioritizing your items is so important to keep everything organized and so you know where everything is located because it all has a home.  

Mirror storage, organizing your bathroom mirror storage

My vanity cabinet has all of the bulky and “ugly” products I don’t particularly need every day.  I don’t want these items visible to the naked eye because it would give a cluttered bathroom impression. These items include my cleaning products, hairdryer, brushes, PLUNGER, and all refills of my other products. However, organizing the inside of this cabinet makes it easy to grab whenever I do need anything. To me, it is really a puzzle I solve of how to fit everything. Of course, there is a science to it. Cleaning products to the left, refills in the middle, and miscellaneous things in a basket on the right. I also used my cabinet door as storage for my hair products to maximize the space. There is so much you can do to get more storage space in your bathroom!  

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My vanity countertop and my toilet are good places to clear out and use for decoration! I like to keep these as minimal as possible but of course, still have a purpose. My sink contains my toothbrush and cotton balls and swabs neatly organized in matching containers as well as some hand soap and hand lotion! I love adding some color by incorporating the ceramic birds and glass vase with the faux lamb’s ear stems. They are a simple nod to the springtime and don’t take too much countertop surface area and brighten up the space! I also love using the Summer 2021 boho basket as storage on my toilet for a candle, an extra roll of toilet paper, and any other items a guest using my bathroom might need. The blue detail on the basket also matches the blue of the ceramic birds! A win-win! 

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Well, there you have it, folks! This is my realistic testimony on how to organize your bathroom to still maintain its practicality, but also be visually appealing! As I said before, this process can be tweaked according to how your bathroom space is. Maybe your problem is you need more storage (like me), or you have too much storage that your space is becoming cluttered, or you just want to physically organize and prioritize the products you do have. Whatever the case may be, I hope you gained a little bit of insight into my process and can apply it to yours! Don’t forget to include that special Decocrated touch to make your bathroom that much more beautiful! Happy spring!