Here we are, we’ve reached the month of October, and it is officially spooky season! The time of skull decorations, a little bit of candy around the house, and arguably when you can start putting up the Christmas decorations. However, as exciting as those Christmas Trees and Hanukkah Bushes are, we still have to focus on the pumpkins at hand. 

As we get into this season, I love to have a staple item in the house that can pull the living room or kitchen together and add a little bit of spice! That item is none other than a bar cart! The bar cart has increased in popularity ever since quarantine started (I wonder why) and now has become the new item for the household. Now, go grab the one you like off Amazon and let’s get started.

Have a backdrop painting and go with it

One thing about having a bar cart is that you want it to be shown off, but not somewhere where people can bump into it. I’ve put my bar cart next to my hallway around my kitchen but behind my dining table. The main thing to do is to keep it centered and focused in part of the room and to put it in front of a nice painting. I’ve chosen this one to accent the blues in the paint and because we believed this was one of our nicer paintings as a household. We would accent the golds in the painting with some of the alcohol we would purchase. 

Stick with one color/color palette

Now that you have a painting, consider highlighting the colors on your bar cart. We’re getting into fall, so pumpkins, like the one from Decocrated Fall 2021 Box, are perfect to put on your fall bar cart. Add some color-coordinated alcohol to make the cart pop, and if you really want to make it glow, you can add some lights as well.

Add something with a scent

The next thing to do is add a bit of fragrance to your bar cart. Since it’s going to pull the room together, try to have something that attracts the eye of the nose. This can be a candle or some nice flowers to put in a vase on the cart. It’ll add a touch of freshness to your scenic bar cart and proves worthy of decoration. 

All together, you’ve created a nice little bar cart for your post-covid get-togethers and added a little bling into your house. It brings something you can spice up for Halloween and serves as perfect décor for your trick-or-treat baskets. All in good fun! Let’s have some drinks!