Celebrate fall with comforting food, drinks, and home goods

When the leaves start to change color, and the air gets its crisp back, we know fall is finally here. What's one of the best ways to ring in the new season? Pumpkin spice lattes (of course) and fall-inspired decor.

One way to spread the cozy joy of fall is to host a small (socially distanced) party featuring accents of the season like fall drinks and a decked out backyard.

More than a feeling

Whatever you've heard it called, one thing's for sure: home-based comfort is trending.

Blankets are in and sweatpants are now fashionable, welcome to our new reality. And even as things slowly reopen, a strong case is being made for staying at home.

Throw a cozy party

  • Focus on setting a tone of comfort and ease. There’s nothing stuffy or stressful about celebrating the cozy way.

  • Entertain your guests outside (safely) to enjoy the crisp fall air.
  • Use plenty of candles and light a fire in the firepit. String soft LED lights and exchange the citronella pots and TIKI torches for seasonally themed lanterns. Pumpkins are perfect vessels, with or without the scary carved faces.

  • Add layered table coverings in rich autumnal colors. Create tablescapes using elements picked from nature. Scatter throws and cozy pillows if guests get chilly.

  • If you have to be indoors, be sure to stay safe. Set up stations around your living area for food and drink to be sure to keep guests circulating without having too many people in one place.

The cozy menu

A cozy party calls for all sorts of heart-warming cocktails, including:

  • hot toddies
  • mulled wine and cider
  • Irish coffee

Keep the non-drinkers and kids happy with varieties of hot chocolate and warm apple cider spiked only with maple syrup and allspice.

Comfort party food keeps the cozy vibes going, think:

  • homemade extra-special mac and cheese
  • meatballs
  • soups and stews
  • chili

Remember the food you craved all summer but decided against making because it was just too hot? Then, it’s time to dust off  your slow cooker and put it to good use.

Pick a theme

Narrow your décor and food choices by picking a theme. Try one of these: 

Or just be cozy at home

If parties just aren't your thing, don't be afraid to switch up your window accents, throw rugs, art and even slipcovers. It's not always easy closing out the summer, but giving your space a little fall treatment can help you prepare for the end of the year.

Just what you need to get cozy

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