If you want to make a change to your space without buying all new furniture, one way to easily update things is to throw in some fun pillows!

Please, please DO NOT settle for the pillows that came with the couch. Often, they’re tasteless or worse they’re made of the same material, color, and texture as the couch itself. There is nothing fun about that. Pillows are a way to have fun with your room and to add a bit of personality to the space.

Great spaces for fun pillows:

  • Living and family rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Patio
  • Any nook you can find!

Pillows come in all different shapes

For the extraordinary, find yourself a cool shaped pillow! If you have kids, these kinds of pillows are great for their bedrooms.

For a more grown-up look, you could choose a circular or rectangular shape to change things up a bit. Whatever choice you make, don’t over-think your decision. If you see something that appeals to your eye, go for it.

Add some texture to your couch

If you’re tired of the mundane, check out some pillows with a little feel to them. You could go with the classic shag carpet surface, maybe a silk cover, or even something in velvet. Before you know it, everyone in the house will have a favorite pillow to cuddle!

While it’s great to get wild with your choice of pillows, be careful not to over-stimulate your couch. Too many different styles and textures can make a space look chaotic. Add 1-2 space-popping pillows and then include some neutral ones to even things out. It’ll add a focal point without being too overwhelming.

The best aspect of pillow shopping: Color!

If your backyard getaway looks a little too neutral, add a few brightly colored pillows to bring your little sanctuary to life!

Pillows are a fantastic way to tie in décor throughout your room as well. Maybe you have some pops of teal in your picture frames or candle holders, try adding some teal-colored pillows on your love seat and see how it upscales your room.

Don’t be afraid to mix colors either; you could try cool or hot colors or even complementary colors. There’s no wrong idea. The point is to have fun!

Where can you fit a pillow?

The correct answer here is pretty much anywhere.

Do you have kids who love to read? Create a fun reading nook for them! Find some over-stuffed pillows in bright colors that will draw your kid’s attention away from their electronics for a change.

Do you love to read? The same principle applies to your reading corner.

If you want your patio or porch swing to be more inviting –and comfortable – add an oversized pillow that will be perfect to rest your back against.

Pillows are such a simple detail. They can truly transform a room into a comfortable space your guests – when you can have guests over again – are never going to want to leave. In the meantime, it’s likely to create a space you will never want to leave.

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