The Decocrated Summer 2021 is what home decor dreams are made of. The bee theme is playful (and appropriate) and the boho basket is the perfect storage accessory. Pops of yellow amidst seas of blue hues give off a cheerful vibe and the wood shelf could fit into just about any room. I can’t wait to show you how I styled all of the contents throughout my home. And keep an eye on the Boho Basket to see where it finds its final resting place.

The Table Clock

I keep going back and forth on where to keep this piece. I love the leather embellishment, so it seems perfect for a home office. But I don’t think it quite goes with my current office decor which consists of white and a lot of gold accents. So for now, it is on my buffet along with one of my favorite pieces from a past Decocrated box - the wood tray from the Winter 2019 Box. I could also see the clock fitting perfectly into my built-in shelves in our living room.

The Wood Shelf & Wood Arch

I cannot begin to tell you how perfectly the wood shelf fits right above the toilet in our master bathroom. That wall has been staring me in the face for the past three years just begging for a facelift, and all it took was the arrival of this white, wooden shelf for inspiration.

After hanging the shelf with a couple of screws, I added some accents. The wood arch leans back against the wall and I layered this beautiful blue floral print with a wood frame in front of it. To add just a touch of elegance I finished the shelf off with a dusty blue ceramic vase and an arrangement of dried flowers (if you know me, you know how much I love dried flowers; I even talked about them in a past Decocrated blog! DIY Trends to Try – Decocrated. It is simple but really helped pull my bathroom together.

You’ll also notice the first appearance of the Boho Basket on the back of my toilet holding toilet paper.  

The Lumbar Pillow

I am obsessed with the patterns on both sides of this pillow cover. The blue is perfect year-round and the bee + lemon imprint is perfect for summertime. It is currently placed on a chair on my front porch (bee side facing out). I am using the square pillow from the Summer 2020 Box to complement it on the other chair, and the blue flower pot from the Spring 2021 Box sits atop the table. I added an artificial flower to the pot so that I can enjoy some greenery year-round. You will also notice the Boho Basket made yet another appearance on the table’s shelf, but I have since switched that out with the wooden crate from the Fall 2020 Box. 

The Art Print

I hung the bee-print side of the art print on the wooden frame from the Spring 2021  Box and set it on my antique entryway table. Along with it I have a vintage jewelry tray with a beige candle on top and a cream vase filled with pampas grass. On the table shelves sits a photo of my son in a gold frame, and the book stack from the Spring 2021 Box between gold bicycle bookends.

The Wood Bee

Rather than just hanging this adorable wooden be on a random wall or setting it on a shelf, I decided to really think outside of the box and #DecoHack it. The final result? This yarn summertime daisy wreath! It’s amazing what you can do with some foam wreath forms, pom-pom makers, yarn and a whole lot of hot glue. The wood bee was the perfect final touch (also secured with a lot of hot glue). I have hung the wreath on my front door and I could not love it more!

The Boho Basket

This small, perfect little basket finally landed itself in my son’s bedroom. It is the perfect vessel to store his dinosaur toys and it looks adorable with his desert/mountain-themed room. He loves dumping the dinos out as much as he loves putting them back in, so it looks like it was a win for the both of us. However, now I’m thinking I might need two more Boho Baskets….

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