Hello home decor fanatics, it’s Morgan ✌️ (@the_patientmom)! I am back again guest blogging for the Decocrated blog! This time I am here to talk about the number one craze of the pandemic (no, not binge-watching shows) - DIYs! That stands for Do It Yourself, if you didn’t already know that. Since the country shut down in early 2020, I have taken up several new hobbies, most of which are crafts I could do at home and by myself. From welcome mats to yarn garland, there was no shortage of craft supplies in my home. But don’t worry, it is never too late for you to jump on the DIY bandwagon. Check out some of my favorite DIYs below and try them out for yourself!

Door Wreaths

I love a good wreath. In fact, I love them so much I often change them out for the seasons and/or holidays. I have used artificial flowers and greenery, live evergreen, yarn pom-poms, and a combination of other materials to create my wreaths, but my favorite wreath DIY to date is this Summer Wooden Bead Wreath. I love the originality of the wooden balls and the elegance of the pink peonies (my favorite flower). If you attach the greenery and flowers with floral wire you can change them throughout the year, too!

Yarn Pom-Pom and/or Felt Ball Garland

2020 was the year of the garland. Maybe it had a bit to do with all of us being stuck at home and wearing out our craft supplies, but never in my 30+ years of life had I ever seen such a variety of DIY garlands. Felt ball garlands (and felt shapes) are so cute and so easy. You can buy felt balls in every color of the rainbow on sites like Amazon and Etsy, all you need to do is string them! You can even find cute little shapes to add into the pattern like daisies, rainbows, hearts and more.

Yarn pom-pom garland is similar, and more likely to satisfy your crafter’s heart. You’ll need yarn, pom-pom makers, and a great pair of scissors to put these together. It is great busy work while road tripping, waiting at the doctor’s office or just while lying in bed binge-watching shows. Once you have the pom-poms finished, just tie them to a long piece of twine, string or yarn. I like to add wooden beads of various sizes to my garland. These look great on mantles, mirrors or kids’ bedrooms.

The best thing about yarn pom-poms?! Once you master the art that is pom-pom making you can use them for a dozen other things like wreaths, the tops of fairy wands, Christmas ornaments, vase fillers, wrapping embellishments and more!

Dried Floral Arrangements

What’s better than a surprise bouquet of roses or fresh-cut hydrangeas from your garden? Dried flowers of course! Don’t let those beautiful blooks go to waste. Hang them upside-down by the stem with clothespins and fishing line until they are dry, then arrange them in vases or work them into other spaces to enjoy for ages. You’ll find dried flowers all around my house, from my mantle to the burlap bag from the Spring 2020 Box hanging in my entryway.