There's "snow" place like home this Winter! Especially when it's chilly outside. The perfect way to beat the cold is by cozying up near the fire and drinking some hot cocoa! Learn how to create the perfect area in your home to warm up during the cold months! Follow along for 5 easy steps on how to style your mantle for the winter!

1. Choose a Focal Point

Choosing a focal point is the most important part to any mantle styling. It's essentially a road map to the rest of your styling and décor choices, which creates the overall vibe for the mantle. In this styling we used the Winter 2022 Wooden Snowflake as the focal point. The neutral colors and winter theme allow us to understand the color scheme and the overarching winter concept.

You can use any piece you would like as your base, just make sure it's large as it is the anchor of your décor.

2.Choose a palette

Once you've chosen your focal points, use that as a starting point for what color scheme you will be using. Our focal point is a brown, wood tone, so we wanted to stick with neutral color palette, that reflects the winter colors in the snowy months. So we went with whites, browns, cream, and green tones.

3. Balancing out your mantle 

Using your color palette, begin to choose pieces that match that theme. Start by placing a piece of décor on one side of the mantle. From there add another piece on the opposite side. Continue this process. Every item you add to one side, mirror a décor piece on the other side. When mirroring, the pieces do not have to be the same height or width. Adding in varying heights and sizes keeps the mantle styling fluid and eye-catching.

4. Adding greenery/filler

Once you've added your décor pieces, it's time to add filler pieces. A beautiful and easy way to do this, especially during the winter months, is adding in some winter-themed greenery. This makes your mantle look full and cohesive, connecting all of your pieces together

Just like that you have the perfect mantle for the Winter! Make sure to tag us if you try any of these tips! Happy Winter!