With the warm, sun-baked days and cool lazy nights of summer just around the corner, we’ve had our eye on more than just this coming season’s top trending color – can you guess what it might be!? – with our top 5 trends to try this summer.


Photo Credit: MODSY.

The color of sunshine, optimism and happiness – how could you not want to welcome this brilliant palette refresher to your home? While most may think decorating for all seasons leaves you with an ultimatum of one extreme or the other, the truth is that most colors can work in your favor as a novel neutral by pairing it with calmer, more natural tones – and yellow is one of them!

Decorating is often about balance, and this is something that yellow can strike extremely well, and very elegantly. Bring life to a cool blue room, or ground those more intense colors and contrasts with a delicate touch of warmth from this season’s top trending color.



Adding life to a particular space has never been quite so literal when it comes to incorporating greenery into your decorating. Whether you boast a green thumb or not, the versatility of bringing in a floor plant that commands the space in a room or a tabletop-accenting succulent cannot be understated.

Photo Credit: Skyesville Mom Homes.

Consider the overall style of your home when selecting the best type of greenery to incorporate this summer. If you find yourself with an abundance of natural light and an innate touch in the garden, you may lean more toward lush florals or a fiddle-leaf fig. More of a modern farmhouse gal and looking for something low maintenance? Dessert plants such as cacti or succulents complement these interiors with their linear shapes beautifully.

Additionally, incorporating greenery patterns like the below pillows add a subtle touch of nature while still maintaining a neutral palette. So, if you’re looking to create visual interest without overpowering a space - these might be just the thing for you! Try out pillow cases, area rubs and even art prints that speak to the lines of nature, and you might be surprised at the calming yet inviting results.


Photo Credit: @queenofthebeehive.

Sunshine and the beauty of greenery aren’t the only elements of nature we’re seeing throughout curated interiors this season. Incorporating materials, often seen in farmhouses from their first appearance in the 16th and 17th centuries,  to the modern renditions made popular by interior designer Johanna Gaines of Fixer Upper,  is a trend we’re living for this summer.

While natural shiplap or tumbled stone floors may be some of the first ideas that bloom in your mind (pun intended!), don’t be afraid to incorporate the chic touches that different metals may offer your space. It can be as simple as a touch of bronzed hardware or a galvanized metal planter, that set off that colorful summer floral.

 Textiles are another material to add further depth and warmth to a space, making your home feel all the comfier and cozier. Burlap in particular offers a sustainable yet durable aesthetic that can be used in tablescapes, floor coverings and pillows.



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You didn’t think we’d miss this one, did you? Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but graceful touches of gold will light up your home’s spaces like no other.

Incorporating gold in your lighting such as a chandelier in your kitchen or living room can create that elevated touch of glamour you’ve been missing. Add some glitz by strategically swapping out curtains, linens or pillows for ones with hints of gold. Take this metallic element to the table with a simple gold runner, or even the beautiful tabletop set from our Spring Box for an effortless transition from one season to the next.

The possibilities are as endless as gold is classy, and we’re here for it this summer.



Bringing it all together is what creates that must-have, curated look – and this is the final trend of summer we’re sharing with you here.

Mixing it up shouldn’t be something to shy away from. The goal isn’t monotony, but balance, after all. Selecting different geometrics with complementary color schemes can create a unique visual interest. The natural texture of a burlap rug placed at the foot of dark, sleek cabinets with deep oil-rubbed bronze fixtures strikes the perfect balance in a modern farmhouse. A touch of gold lighting warms up the space, bringing the sunshine indoors and brightening up your layered styling.



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