One of the things that makes the modern farmhouse design so popular is the bright and clean ambience it adds to a home. Rather than distract the eye with dizzying colors, modern farmhouse interiors utilize soft colors and a variety of textures to pull you in and help you relax. These are the top five farmhouse paint colors to use in your home.

Pale Eucalyptus

This color is extremely popular and comes in several different shades, depending on the brand of paint. All of them share a lovely, soft green hue that enables you to add color to a room without sacrificing brightness. Pale eucalyptus tones pair well with light-colored woven baskets, rugs, and window shades.

Warm Gray

There’s something about gray tones that makes you think of the sky after a summer rainstorm. This version is a little gentler and goes great in kitchens and baby rooms where you need contrast that doesn’t darken the room.

Cream or Ivory

Pure white can feel almost sterile, so it’s better to use an off-white shade rather than pure white for your base colors. Cream makes a fantastic backdrop for some of Decocrated’s modern farmhouse wall art—found in their member’s only shop and subscription box. This shade is also wonderful for reflecting light and keeping your home’s ambience warm and inviting.

Navy Blue

If you’re looking for a good contrast color, navy should be your first pick. It looks amazing on front doors, bookshelves, and as a kitchen accent—think placemats or cloth napkins. Having a dark pop of color helps to break up monotony and make each individual color in your home appear intentional.

Graphite Gray

Graphite is a dark contrast alternative to navy. If you’re looking to keep things completely neutral, graphite is warmer than black but blends with many of the same accents and textures. You can also incorporate graphite by choosing gray-toned wood finishes on picture frames and shelves.

Use these top five farmhouse colors to decorate your home like a pro. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to put on your walls after you paint them, check out Decocrated’s quarterly subscription box. Decocrated has done the hard work of shopping for you, so all you have to do is decorate!