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So Easy Anyone Can Do It: Hand-Lettering

So Easy Anyone Can Do It: Hand-Lettering

Becca Brodin, October 8, 2021

Anyone ever been really inspired to try a specific craft or hobby, even finding classes to take and buying all the tools? I have. I love being creative and learning new things, however, I have a confession for you. I have now taken multiple hand-lettering classes and I still can’t do it well! The struggle is real! I’ve watched so many tutorials and own so many different types of pens hoping that something would magically fix my lack of skills…nothing worked!

This was a sad thing to accept because I love a good custom sign and wanted to be able to DIY them, especially since becoming a Decocrated member!! There have been so many pieces I wanted to hack or customize - if only I had some hand-lettering skills!

Then one day I stumbled across a tutorial that changes the game! I ended up learning a “beginners trick” to fake my way through hand-lettering! Today I’m going pass this little trick along to you! It’s so easy, anyone can do it!

Simply hand write or stencil the words you want on your chalkboard or surface of choice. Then with a thicker pen or marker retrace the “down strokes." So wherever you would normally write a letter and be moving your pen downwards, you would make that part of the letter thicker! Simple as that! I’ll show you a few before/after shots below so you can see how simple it is! These two Decocrated pieces are ones I’ve been dying to update, let me show you…

First I wrote a quote on the Decocrated chalkboard:


Then I added new words to the Decocrated book stack:



Can you see how I simply just thickened the down strokes?

You can easily Pinterest quotes to copy too! I love seeing how different font styles look - I get a lot of my inspiration online! Take a look, try it out, and let us know how it went!

xoxo, Becca


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