No matter what season you’re in, the Black Metal Vase from the Halloween 2023 DeLuxe Box has got your back. Embrace the changing seasons and let your creativity flow as you mix and match flowers, branches, and foliage. 

Here are a few flower arrangements for each season using the black metal vase:

1. Fall

Burnt Orange Bouquet: Fill the black metal vase with burnt orange flowers. The burnt orange petals radiate with the warm hues of fall. 

Dark Fall Fusion: Don’t forget to add a spooky twist for Halloween. Grab the Dried Eucalyptus from the Halloween 2023 DeLuxe Box and place it in the vase. This will add texture and a spooky vibe for Halloween. 

 2. Winter

Frosty Delight: Fill the black metal vase with a combination of pristine white flowers. The contrasting white blooms against the dark metal vase will create a captivating winter scene.


3. Spring

Pink Pastels: Fill the black metal vase with a mix of soft pastel flowers like blush-colored flowers, and pale white flowers. The dark tone of the vase will make these gentle colors pop, adding a touch of sophistication to your display.


Garden Medley: Create a vibrant arrangement by combining a variety of spring blooms. Choose a harmonious blend of oranges, pale whites, and sunny yellows.


4. Summer

Sunlit Spectacular: Capture the essence of a sunny summer day with a cheerful arrangement featuring citrus-colored flowers like orange, yellow, blue, and purple. Let the black metal vase provide a modern and sophisticated contrast to the bright summer colors.


The black metal vase is a versatile centerpiece that allows you to create stylish flower arrangements for every season. Get ready to turn heads and create floral masterpieces that will leave everyone in awe.