Refreshing Past Decocrated Boxes for Spring! 

To many, spring is about new beginnings; joy, love, and growth are hallmarks of the season. With Decocrated, there is so much to love and find joy in. With a new season comes a newly curated box with plenty of incredible goodies. Pre-order sales have already begun for Spring 2022 boxes! However, that’s not to say that past Decocrated boxes do not have any pieces that can be refreshed and reused this time around. That is the beauty of Decocrated box items: they are effortlessly stylish and timeless.  


In this blog, I explore some of 2021’s favorite décor pieces that we can get way more out of this spring season. When Decocrated gives you some lemons, you make lots of lemonade! 


Let’s kick it off with my personal favorite: the Summer 2021 Box wooden honey bee! Upon first receiving this item last year, I was intimidated. However, the stylebook was a huge help in inspiring me. Since I first received it, it has acted as the base of a flower vase, decoration in my outdoor bathroom, a jewelry organizer, and now an accent piece in my living room table’s centerpiece. It is such a unique versatile piece that is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. I invite you to refresh this past item this spring!  

(Also pictured: Fall 2021 moon mirror) 

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Next, I thought I’d do something different with particular past items that tend to get overlooked: the art prints. I look forward to each box to see what the design of the art print will look like. They are each so perfectly matched with the season and the rest of the box items in a sophisticated way. The detail of the Fall 2021 Box art print (pictured below) is an artistic genius. Each time I receive a new box, the art prints instantly go on the wall grid above my desk to be shown off. It is a simple and easy way to contrast the photographs as well as give the art prints their time to shine! Whether you have a wall grid, like mine, or actual framed photos, try and incorporate these prints into your everyday photo display!  

(Pictured: Summer 2021, Fall 2021, and Winter 2021 art prints) 

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Lastly, let’s talk boho chic! Summer 2021’s boho basket is high up on my list; anyone who has stuck with me since the beginning knows it ends up somehow in every single one of my blogs. It’s hard to stay away from! Because I love to have it displayed every minute and every second of every day, I had to refresh it for the spring! Introducing: an entryway shoe basket! As you enter your home after a long day under the sun, plop your dirty shoes into the basket to be neatly secured and out of harm's way. I placed the basket on my porch, but it could work just the same inside your house or in your laundry room. The idea is that your shoes are not piling up in front of your door. Stylish and functional – it’s a win-win! 

I hope this blog inspires you to revisit past box items and give them new life! Spring is about rebirth and renewal, oh how fitting! I encourage you to snap a photo of your new refreshed décor and upload it to your socials! Tag @decocrated for a chance to be reposted! Cheers to the new season!