Pairing patterns, textures, and materials

Everything we like doesn’t always match and that’s OK! However, patterns, textures, and different materials can still work well together. Let’s get into it.

We’re big on mixing and matching. We love including a diverse array of rich and unique interior décor pieces in our Decocrated boxes. Each box is especially curated with items that can work well together, and items from past boxes.

What materials and textures should you use together for home décor?

Bold, fresh interior decorating relies on well-combined patterns, textures, and materials. The great thing about combining patterns is that they don’t have to be the same, and they don’t even have to be the same color.

FYI: Decocrated seasonal boxes include materials like:

  • Metal
  • Wood
  • Cloth
  • Glass
  • Ceramic

There are simple ways to combine these items for a cohesive interior design that works well for you. Our hope is that our box inspires you to creatively blend items of different patterns, textures, and materials. Not to mention, having a diverse array of items displayed in your home can be visually stimulating for you AND your guests.

Mixing materials

Mixing materials is easier than it seems. To start, choose a few different materials that you like and use them throughout a room. The key to doing this right is balance. Too much of anything becomes a bit too bland. It’s a good idea to choose a few materials then, add in a variety of materials that work well and play off the primary material.

Wood objects in different tones can work well together. Wood flooring, furniture, and furniture accents add a unifying style to an interior. The related textures are eye-catching. A mixture of similar but unique materials adds a sense of unity to your home.

Different metals can make for great eye-catching interior design, too. Try mixing different metal hues for a unique metallic effect.

Fabrics also add a sense of variety to home design. Try contrasting a thick, durable fabric with a light, airy material. The contrast is delightful and pleasant for you and your guests. You can also contrast fabric and textile materials in the same color. The variety of textures will add depth to your home style.

Pairing patterns

It can be easy to go overboard with patterns. Patterns can clash if we’re not aware of a few simple pattern rules:

  • Pattern size. The most important rule of pattern matching is to combine small patterns with large patterns. Prints that are too similar in size compete with each other. Taking a large, soft pattern and combining it with something intricate and with small details usually offers balance.
  • Pattern color. When mixing and matching different patterns, try to coordinate the colors. This is another place where the 60/30/10 rule applies. Choose patterns that draw on the same color scheme. Designs should have a subtle balance of color, either in the same tones or a variety of tones that match your home’s style. 

Different hues offer different feelings, too. Keep this in mind when selecting pattern color schemes. Try to evoke the type of energy you want the space to have.

  • Pattern theme. Mixing patterns can bring a room to life. If the décor is focused on botanicals, choose different natural and botanical patterns that match. Another option could be to mix different geometric patterns. Large squares paired with small circles create a stimulating contrast.

Testing textures

We love the unique effect of mixing textures. The heart of interior design is embracing variety. Home decorating is simple when you’re willing to step outside of monotony and incorporate pieces of different materials.

Pair metals with wood. Layer rustic ornaments with modern items. Layer fabrics and textiles with wall hangings or plants. Combining different materials is a great way to keep a room dazzling. This creates an effortless balance.

Be willing to combine items in a new way, and you’ll be surprised about the unique look you yourself can create.

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