Hey Ghosts and Gouls! Daniela here from over at Cold Coffee Mom Brain (on Instagram @coldcoffeemombrain) and we are talking Halloween today! 

Over the years, I’ve accumulated more Halloween décor than usual but even so, I have the least amount of décor for this spooky holiday. Honestly, Halloween has such a vibe and even though I decorate early (always), it’s short lived. 

Here are some ways to get your home ready for this fun holiday!

Tea Towels

I love festive tea towels!  It’s such an easy swap for every season or every holiday.  I’m absolutely loving the tea towels that came in the Fall 2021 Decocrated box.  It adds the perfect amount of “spooky” in my coffee corner.

Halloween Kids Crafts

Adding little touches of homemade Halloween art is my favorite. When my son was a baby, I made cute little canvas art with his feet and it’s hung up every single year!  

Now that he is starting school, I am sure we will be adding more artwork to the house seasonally!

Paper Crafts/ Window Clings

Last year I decided to use my Cricut to make Cardstock bats and They’ve been the most fun, and cheapest, addition to my Halloween décor!  Not only are they inexpensive (if you can’t make them yourself, check Amazon or find someone you know with a Cricut and see if they’ll make them for you), but they’re so darn fun! They’re “fricken’ bats”! 

They’re such a great addition to my living room for this spooky holiday and I’ll never go back. I’m also planning on making spider webs to put on my front door.  If you’re making them yourself, be sure to use a good quality paper! When I package them away, I store them in a Ziploc storage bag and I’m sure to keep them flat!

Orange/ Purple Lights

Lights change everything, it’s true!  Adding purple or orange lights to your interior walls, your coffee bar, your mantle- so good.  At night it’s a total vibe! We cuddle up and put on a scary movie! 

If you don’t want lights in the main area of your house, you can always add them in your children’s room/ playroom! So fun for Halloween!

Blankets/ Pillow Covers

Easy. Linens on the sofa is another great way to make your space “scream” Halloween!  I actually prefer pillow covers vs actual pillows because they’re space saving and a lot cheaper (usually).  They are also so darn easy to swap out and add your pops of purples, oranges and black for this time of the year!

Blankets can be a little more expensive, depending on where you’re getting them from, but also super easy to swap. Who doesn’t love a nice, soft blanket for the fall season?!

Ever since having my son, I try to do more with our Halloween decor inside and outside.  We never used to do this much Halloween but finding ways to make it minimal but also “scary” is so fun!

I also take the time for each holiday to play with colors I wouldn’t normally reach for in my home décor.  

Have you begun decorating for the Halloween/ fall season? If not, when do you?

Happy decorating!