How to Create a Badass Vision Board

Now that Christmas is over and we’ve fully entered the first week of 2021, it’s time to start thinking of, well, the future. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we can’t always prepare for what the world will bring us but we can at least get ahead of the game. That’s where a badass vision board comes into play. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to be more present, improve your relationships or just reach one of your goals, a vision board is a great way to keep yourself accountable. 

Why a Vision Board?

YouTube beauty guru Patrick Starr is a perfect testament to the power of manifestation, which is pivotal to creating a vision board. Before the fame, Starr posted an image on his instagram where he posed next to a makeup display and now he has his own makeup line! So, before we get started on building your own vision board, ask yourself: what matters most to me and why?

How to Get Started

Before purchasing materials to create your vision board, it’s important to do a bit of reflection to think about what you want this next year. Do you want to completely redesign the aesthetic of your home? Have you always wanted to have an entryway table? Looking to create more of a relaxed atmosphere? You don’t have to limit yourself to one goal. Whatever you choose, let it come from the heart. 

After you’ve spent some time reflecting, start gathering materials that inspire you and materials that you’ll need to create a board. The fundamental materials you’ll need are: a form of adhesive, scissors and a square or rectangular piece to stand as your board.

Time to Get Creative

Now that you’ve decided what your goals will be for the new year, it’s time to get creative! 


  1. Gather all of your materials into one place. (scissors, cardboard, magazines and anything that inspires you!)
  2. Create a structure/style to your vision board. (collage, circle, free-style)
  3. Add whatever you want. (stickers, cutouts, pictures, glitter)
  4. Make sure the items are tightly secured on the board.

After you’ve created your board, be sure to put it somewhere that you can see it. Try using your armoire or the entryway table near your front door. The more you see it, the more you can believe in it!

How can Decocrated Help?

If your vision board has taken a home décor route, consider us your guru! Our Facebook Community of over 5,000 is a source of constant inspiration and tips for decorating your home and you’ll get to interact with the people who built Decocrated over the past two years. Join us at The Decocrators and follow us on Instagram @Decocrated. 

Cheers to building your vision board and community!