The holidays are officially among us, friends! We made it!

It’s Daniela here, from @coldcoffeemombrain (on Instagram), and I wanted to share a fun way you can revamp a prior Decocrated Winter 2020 piece into a simple, boho, and beautiful decor item to put out with your Christmas decorations! 

I may not be ready for Christmas (gift-wise), but my heart is ready for the decor to be out! I love the warmth it gives me. This craft is so easy to make your own, too.  You can change up the colors and make it fit the room it’ll be in!

You can also make this for others if you’re stumped on a gift idea!

What You’ll Need:

  • Decocrated Winter 2020 Leaf Frame
  • Spool of yarn 
  • Scissors 
  • Hot glue gun (be sure you have extra glue sticks)
  • Acrylic paint 
  • Paintbrush/ paint sponge 
  • A book

  • Step 1 

    Paint the wooden frame. I used a light brown for the background (since I chose white yarn). Instead of using a brush, I dabbed a paint sponge, giving a nice texture! I then lightly brushed the frame of the photo with white to give it that rustic look).  Allow time to dry completely. I did 2 layers on the background for full coverage.

    Step 2 

    Make the yarn tassels while you wait for the paint to dry.  

    Here’s how!

    First, pull your yarn out. Make sure you’re not pulling from the center of the spool because doing that will make your yarn wrinkly instead of flat.

    Wrap the yarn around the edge of your book 20 times (you can use other things to do this, like cardboard or even a spatula).  Stop at the bottom and cut the yarn.

    Before removing wrapped yarn, cut a long piece and a shorter piece from the yarn spool.

    Gently pull off the wrapped yarn and hold it at the top of the loop.

    At the top, tie the long piece of yarn twice and tight.

    At the opposite end, cut where the string is connected (it’ll look like hair with a middle part).

    Take the shorter yarn piece and wrap about .5” down from the top. Tie tight and twice.

    Now you have your tassel!

    Repeat this step 11 times.

    Step 3

    Once your tassels are made, use the glue gun to hide any fly-away yarn pieces. Allow them to dry before putting them on the board.

    Step 4 

    Place the tassels on the painted board. 

    Line them up how you’d like.

    I did 5 on the bottom, three above that, then 2 and then 1 at the top of the “tree.”

    Overlap them slightly to give a layered look. You can line them up however you like!

    Step 5

    Once positioned, use the glue gun to stick them on!

    Just like that, you have a beautiful piece that you can add to your décor for the holidays! 

    I hope you were able to follow this tutorial easily.  If you try this, tag me (@coldcoffeemombrain) and Decocrated! I’d love to see your DecoHacks!