I love gathering inspiration from others to see how they style Decocrated items and make them their own inside their house. A really neat way to completely make a Decocrated item one of a kind and unlike any of the other decor pieces is to hack an item. Today, let’s change up the Easter tray and give it a completely new look!

Tray before, dark wood tray, dark toned wooden tray, rectangle wooden tray, wooden tray styled on an entryway, easter wooden tray styling

Before I change the Easter tray, let’s take a look at where it started. It was beautiful exactly how Decocrated sent it to me; in fact, I loved the look of styling it with other Easter items in my entryway.

Borwn wooden tray, rectangle wooden tray, wooden tray before hack, before DIY
But I decided to change the look of the tray to make it fit a bit more with my decorating style. The best part of this hack is that I was able to use materials I had on hand, so changing up the look cost me nothing.
Paint the tray white, white coat of white paint, white tray, white toned tray

To get started, I removed the tray handles and sanded the entire tray. Then I painted the tray white. Because the color of the tray was originally a dark stain, it took two coats of paint to cover everything. I let everything dry completely in between coats and I applied two coats on all sides of the tray. I did only apply one coat of paint to the inside bottom of the tray because I have plans to cover that next.

Second coat of white paint, handles removed, white toned tray, painting a wooden tray

I found some wallpaper and cut out a piece that would fit perfectly inside the bottom of the tray. I applied a thin layer of wallpaper paste and then placed the wallpaper inside. I smoothed the wallpaper down and let the paste dry completely.

Add wallpaper to middle of tray, white and gray wallpaper

Finally, I added the handles back onto the tray and now I have a totally different look.

Play handles back on tray, screw handles on painted tray

I plan to use the tray as a functional decor item and store items by my kitchen sink. Since my kids are still young, I am primarily the only person to use the kitchen sink. Therefore I don’t have to worry about a ton of water splashing everywhere. But if you plan to also use this tray next to your sink, I do recommend you apply some polyurethane to really seal it and protect the wood from water.

Finished product, painted tray, tray finished, tray styled

I love that this tray now has a whole new life in my kitchen to keep my cleaning supplies tidy.

Tray styled in kitchen, finished tray, finihsed DIY, styled with cleaning products and soap

How would you hack the Easter tray?

XOXO, Lindsay (Pursuit of Pink Blog)

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