This year, let's look beyond traditional decor and embrace unique pieces that combine functionality with style. Our Ceramic Egg-Shaped Plate from the Easter 2024 DeLuxe Box, with its sleek design and timeless elegance, is just the piece to elevate your spring and Easter decorations!

Here are a few ways to use the ceramic egg-shaped plate for the Spring/Easter Season: 


1. Decorative Centerpiece on a Wooden Table Runner


a. Lay a Wooden Table Runner beneath the egg-shaped plate to enhance its natural beauty and add a rustic contrast to the ceramic’s smooth finish. The runner will add warmth to your table setting and complement the earthy tones of the season.

b. Arrange some of the eggs from the Set of 8 Decorative Eggs onto the plate.

c. Add the Faux Flower in a Vase to the Wooden Table runner. This will add a touch of nature to the table. 


2. Candy Display for an Easter-Themed Party


a. Fill the egg-shaped plate with an assortment of Easter candies. Choose colorful options like jelly beans, chocolate eggs, and sugar-coated marshmallow chicks to create a vibrant and tempting display.

b. Set up your candy display on a side table or buffet as a focal point of your Easter party. Surround the plate with other Easter-themed decorations, such as a floral arrangement or a garland of spring flowers, to tie the display into the broader party decor.


These styling ideas for your ceramic egg-shaped plate will not only enhance your Easter 2024 celebrations but also add a sophisticated touch to your spring decor. Whether used as a chic centerpiece or a part of a delightful candy display, this versatile piece is sure to bring elegance and joy to your seasonal gatherings.