Happy Fall!!!! This time of year is so exciting and offers numerous opportunities for you to celebrate with family and friends. For some, adding extra décor to your home and events to your calendar can seem overwhelming. Not to worry, I’m here to offer six practical tips to help you get organized for the upcoming Fall holidays.

1.) Schedule time in your calendar to decorate.
If you haven’t already decorated your house for Fall, actually schedule time in your calendar to get it done. Making an appointment with yourself means you are more likely to do it and not put it off. Plus, scheduling the time means that you can pick a convenient time, and you won’t feel too tired from a busy day.

2.) Take inventory of what you already have before you buy more.

As you start to decorate, you will want to look at the décor items you already have. I like to pull all of my seasonal décor out at once and go through it. If I don’t like items anymore or know that I won’t use, I get rid of them. Then I look to see if I know of something I need to buy (like more pumpkins!). If I know what I’m starting with, I’m less likely to buy duplicates.
The same can be true of your pantry. Look through your pantry and make a list of items that you have that you know you will use a lot: sugar, flour, pumpkin, cinnamon, etc. This will help you save a bit of money when shopping for all of the Fall foods.

3.) Choose your priorities; you can’t do it all.
This time of year offers so many events and parties, and celebrations. Unfortunately for many people, you will have to say no to some things to keep your sanity. Sit down with your family and determine what events are a priority/must do. Have each person in your family tell you what their favorite event is, and go ahead and add those events to your calendar. Any additional events can be added on a case-by-case basis.

4.) Make room for the Fall items.

Now is the time to put away all of your Summer items if you haven’t already. Move the colorful margarita glasses and other fun outdoor entertaining items to the back of your cabinets. Pull out the fun Fall coffee mugs and place those front and center. Store any Summer games in the garage or a closet and pull out the cozy blankets.

5.) Edit your closet for cooler temperatures.
With changing seasons, this is a perfect time to go through your closet and get rid of items. Look through your closet, piece by piece. If you haven’t worn an article of clothing in the last 12 months, then get rid of it. See if any clothes need repairing. If they are beyond repair, throw them away. Once you have gotten rid of items, you no longer need or want, make a list of items you know you will need. A good pair of jeans, a nice cardigan, a scarf, and some booties are great Fall closet staples.

6.) Work on de-cluttering.

The holidays bring lots of stuff to your house. If you have time to go through your home and get rid of items you no longer use, this will help you not to feel overwhelmed by clutter and new items. I always try to have an empty box ready to go where I can place items I know I will get rid of. When the box is full, take it somewhere to donate.

XOXO, Lindsay (Pursuit of Pink Blog)

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