Decocrators, we finally made it! Summertime is here! Tan lines, sunshine, relaxation, pool days, you name it. Summer is the time to kick back, take your shoes off, and dig your toes in the sand – at least that’s what I’m going to do! For those that are working over the summer, summer for you probably means vacation. There is nothing better than traveling to Europe in the summer, taking a trip to your beach or lake house, or for city-lovers, taking a trip to an urban paradise. Regardless of your destination, there is one variable that remains constant: packing.  


For some, this is the most exciting part of your trip. For others, the thought of spending more than 30 minutes stuffing random clothes into a suitcase is considered a nightmare. I would say I fall somewhere in the middle of that spectrum; I loved planning out my outfits, but I tend to always overpack and waste so much time trying to fit it all into my tiny bag. Thus, I felt it necessary to write a blog about how to maximize your space and pack more efficiently this traveling season. I present to you 5 Packing Tips for Summer Vacay! Follow along for the ultimate packing list for any and all vacation destination spots!


  1. Packing List 

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First things first, make sure your trip itinerary is relatively complete, so you know what you need to pack for. This is how you are able to be the most prepared during vacations and ensure you have all that you need. Then make a list! I am a person who needs to write everything down or I won’t remember it. Making a detailed list of the amount of underwear, outfits, toiletry essentials, accessories, etc. helps me stay organized and focused when I begin my packing journey. Having a packing checklist allows you to not over pack and not bring too much stuff. Check things off of your list as they’re packed! Try it! 


  1. Plan Ahead 

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Once the trip is all set up and good to go, try planning your outfits by day. This is what I like to do because it helps me stay organized, but if this isn’t your typical packing style, don’t worry! It is just as efficient to pack individual pieces that are easy to match with others. Maybe pick a color scheme so that all of your clothes can be paired with each other. Laying everything all on your bed is the best way to go so that you can see what you’re working with. DO NOT pack more than one random outfit/piece. A general rule of thumb: If when you pack it you can’t think of a good time to wear it, you probably won’t. Just don’t pack it. Trust your gut and learn to let go! Also, leave some space for shopping! 
  1. Roll & Cube Your Clothes 

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Marie Kondo, my organizing queen, has given me the best packing tip ever: roll your clothes. Instead of stacking everything, roll it. This not only helps with wrinkling but maximizes space in your checked luggage. More clothes definitely fit when they are rolled, and it leaves luggage space for your toiletry bag and shoes! Pro Tip: Put your shoes inside plastic shower caps/plastic bags so that they don’t dirty your clothes! Lastly, packing cubes are awesome for categorizing your clothes. Maybe you want all of your tops together, or you want your day outfits and night outfits separated, or you want your PJs and swimwear to be easily accessible. Whatever the case may be, packing cubes have you covered!  


  1. Wear Your Bulkiest Clothing in Transit 

This tip is no secret for frequent travelers. It wouldn’t make sense to pack that one jean jacket, bulky sweaters, or your huge hiking boots and take up lots of space in your suitcase. Instead, opt into wearing it as you travel to your summer destination! Loungewear outfits are typically the bulkiest, and the ones you wear as you travel anyways, so just wear them on the plane, train, or car. 
  1. Keep Important Documents in Your Carry On Bag/Purse 

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This tip is an essential traveling tip if you are traveling internationally. I am traveling to Spain this summer alone, so this last tip definitely speaks to me. I have to take care of all of my important documents, such as my passport, ID, vaccine card, boarding pass, etc. Keep all of these tucked away in a secure carry-on bag or zipper purse. I personally like to keep everything organized in a traveling folder or pouch for quick and easy access. It is also important to keep everything together so you know where they are and can grab it when needed. Second copies of everything are also a great addition! 


There you have it – 5 Tips for How to Pack for Vacation! As I said earlier, I am traveling to Europe this summer, so writing this blog has definitely come in handy in refreshing my brain on how to pack efficiently. Now it’s time for me to take my own advice! Bon voyage, Decocrators! Safe travels! 


Stay tuned for Decocrated’s Summer 2022 Box; it is going to be sun-sational!