The Glass Pumpkin, from the Fall 2023 Box, is a timeless accessory that can easily enhance any space. Whether you're dreaming of a cozy candlelit glow or envisioning a striking centerpiece, the glass pumpkin is here to captivate and illuminate your surroundings. 

Here are some style tips to make the most of your glass pumpkin this Fall:

1. Let Transparency Steal the Show:


The transparent nature of the clear glass pumpkin offers a unique advantage. You can use it to create a display that is minimalist yet impactful. Place it on a shelf on top of a set of neutral-colored books where it can take center stage. By doing so, you can highlight the charm of the glass pumpkin. The best part? It effortlessly blends with any existing décor, making it a versatile addition to any space.


2. Play With Lighting: 


Place a flameless LED candle or fairy lights inside the pumpkin to achieve a soft, mesmerizing glow. This subtle illumination will bring magic and warmth to your fall evenings. The clear glass beautifully reflects and refracts the light, casting intricate shadows that shine across your space. You can also use it outdoors for a peaceful ambiance at night in places such as a porch or a garden nook!


3. Accentuate With Natural Elements:


Complement the clear glass pumpkin's simplicity, and incorporate natural elements into your display. Surround the pumpkin base with dried leaves, pinecones, or acorns to add an organic touch. Consider using a wooden tray as a foundation for your arrangement. This combination of glass and nature will create a serene and inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements the fall weather!


4. Experiment with placement:


The versatility of a clear glass pumpkin allows for creative placement throughout your home. Place it on your mantelpiece, nestled amidst a collection of cozy seasonal decor, such as dried branches and a rustic garland. For warmth and elegance, place the clear glass pumpkin on your bedside table, accompanied by a flickering candle and a stack of your favorite fall-themed books. Try filling it with dried acorns or pine cones for a cute fall-themed entryway. 

The Fall 2023 Glass Pumpkin is the perfect addition to your Fall display! With its versatility, it can be used all year round to create a comforting atmosphere in your home. We can’t wait to see how you use this! Be sure to tell us in the comments below!