The Set of 2 Wooden Bunnies from the Easter 2024 DeLuxe Box is a delightful addition to your Easter decor. These bunnies, with their simple shapes and distressed white-washed finish, evoke the charm of a vintage find while seamlessly blending into modern decor. Ideal for adding a heartwarming touch to any space, this adorable set is versatile enough to enhance various spots around your home.

Here are three ways to make the most of these bunnies in your Easter display:


1. Coffee Table Charm with Tray Ensemble

The set of 2 wooden bunnies becomes a captivating addition to your living room when artfully displayed on a tray atop your coffee table.


a. Begin by placing a tray on your coffee table. This tray acts as a defined space for your display and brings a sense of order and intentionality to the arrangement. Choose a tray that complements the style of your bunnies, such as a rustic wooden tray or a more contemporary one, depending on your decor.

b. Place the wooden bunnies in the center of the tray. Their distressed white finish stands out against the backdrop of the tray, making them the focal point of your arrangement.

c. Add a string of decorative beads around the bunnies. These beads can drape over the edge of the tray or be arranged in a loose pile. They bring texture and an artistic touch to the display, complementing the color of the wooden bunnies.

d. Include a small vase with faux greenery or spring flowers on the tray. This touch of greenery brings freshness and life to your coffee table, creating a balance between the rustic wooden elements and the natural textures.


2. Displayed on a Mantel

The set of 2 wooden bunnies is an ideal choice for creating an Easter display on your mantel, serving as a charming focal point amidst your seasonal decor. 


a. Place the wooden bunnies in a prominent position on the mantel. Their simple white-washed finish makes them stand out, drawing the eye to the rest of the display.

b. Surround the bunnies with other Easter-themed items to create a cohesive look. Consider adding a two-tier tray on one side of the mantel, adorned with miniature Easter eggs, additional small bunny figurines, or even small potted plants to add layers and depth to the arrangement.

c. Enhance the natural appeal by incorporating faux greenery in a vase. Choose spring flowers like tulips, daffodils, or hyacinths, which can be mixed with greenery to create a lush, vibrant backdrop for the wooden bunnies. This adds color and life to the display while maintaining a fresh and clean aesthetic.

d. Scatter additional Easter tabletop pieces along the mantel. This could include items like decorative Easter eggs, small ceramic birds, or even a string of subtle fairy lights to add a gentle sparkle.


3. Easter Showcase on a Two-Tier Tray

The set of 2 wooden bunnies finds a perfect home on a two-tier wood tray, surrounded by a delightful array of Easter elements. 


a. Utilize the bottom tier of the tray for the wooden bunnies. Complement them with smaller Easter accents like mini decorative eggs and small tabletop signs. The contrast in size between the bunnies and these smaller decorative items creates a visually pleasing display.

b. On the top tier, arrange a mix of Easter-themed items. Additional wooden bunnies of varying sizes can be added. Or use ceramic birds.

c. Keep the color palette in mind when selecting items for the tray. The natural tones of the wooden bunnies and tray pair well with pastel-colored Easter decorations. This color scheme enhances the overall aesthetic of the display, making it pleasing to the eye.


4. On a Bookshelf Between Books

Incorporating the set of 2 wooden bunnies into your bookshelf decor is a unique and charming way to infuse the Easter spirit into a more subtle, everyday setting. 


a. For a thematic touch, place the bunnies near books that complement the Easter theme. This could be gardening books, cookbooks with spring recipes, or children’s stories about rabbits and Easter adventures.

b. To create depth on your bookshelf, consider arranging some books horizontally and placing a bunny on top. This layered look adds visual interest and highlights the bunnies as special decor pieces.

c. Depending on the size of your bookshelf, you might position the bunnies side by side or on different shelves. Experiment with spacing and positioning to find a setup that feels right for you.


These charming wood bunnies embrace the essence of the season. Whether it's creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere on a coffee table, adding a festive touch to a mantel, showcasing them on a two-tier tray amidst other Easter delights, or subtly integrating them into a bookshelf display, these bunnies effortlessly bring the spirit of Easter and spring into your home. Their versatility and simple beauty make them way more than just decorations. We can’t wait to see how you use them!