Winter is a time of reflection, coziness, and warmth. As the days grow shorter and the nights longer, there's nothing quite like the soft glow of candlelight to set the mood. The Glass Candle Holder Set from the Winter 2023 Box is the perfect addition to your decor. The ribbed texture on the glass creates a captivating play of light, especially when paired with a lit 3" LED candle. The golden base adds a touch of luxury, making it a perfect fit for any decor style.

Want to make your space feel extra cozy this winter? Check out some ways to style our candleholder set:


1. The Shelf: A Winter Decor Ensemble
Shelves offer a canvas to showcase decor, telling the season's story and expressing your style.


a. Strategic Placement: Position the candleholders on the center shelf to create a focal point for your decor.

b. Winter Companions: Pair the candleholders with other winter decor elements such as the Water Hyacinth Sleigh, wood houses, neutral books, and fresh succulents. These neutral elements complement the elegance of the gold candleholders and allow the spirit of the season to shine.

c. Textural Play: Introduce soft textures by adding a rug or a blanket to a basket. Place this on the shelf. This contrasts beautifully with the ribbed glass from the candleholders and adds a cozy touch.

d. Nature’s Embrace: Incorporate natural elements such as faux greenery or pine branches to bring the outdoors inside.


2. The Tabletop: A Festive Winter Vignette
A table, whether in the living room or entryway, can be transformed into a festive focal point with the right decor elements.


a. Runner Radiance: Begin by laying out a neutral or patterned runner on the table. This will serve as a base and add depth and warmth to the overall display.

b. Central Attraction: Place the glass candleholder set centrally on the runner. Their ribbed texture and golden base will naturally draw attention.

c. Forest Fantasy: Surround the candleholders with an assortment of faux trees of varying heights and designs. This creates a mini winter forest, enhancing the seasonal theme.

d. Candlelit Charm: Add candles, in varying shades around the candleholders. When lit they amplify the glow of the candles already inside of the candleholders.


3. The Living Area: A Cozy Winter Oasis
The living area, with its plush seating and open space, offers a perfect setting to showcase the elegance of the glass candleholder set.


a. Tray Transformation: Start by placing a wooden tray on your table. The natural wood provides a warm contrast to the ribbed glass of the candleholders.

b. Evergreen Elegance: Surround the candleholders with faux trees. Add in greenery, like faux pine branches or garland to add a natural touch to the display.

c. Background Comfort: In the backdrop, ensure that your couch or sofa has a nice pillow such as the Christmas Woven Pom Pom Pillow. Consider including textured pillows, such as a knit design to elevate the coziness factor. 


As winter unfolds its magic, every home seeks that special touch to mirror the season's charm. Our Glass Candle Holder Set, featured in the Winter 2023 Box, seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, offering a versatile decor solution. Whether you're aiming for a minimalist look or a grand winter spectacle, these candleholders stand as a testament to timeless elegance.