The Wood Tag Set from the Christmas 2023 DeLuxe Box embodies the heart of winter. Each tag has a snowflake design, capturing the essence of the season. While these tags make for beautiful Christmas ornaments, their use doesn’t end there. Dive in as we explore the ways these tags can elevate your holiday celebrations!


1. Gift Wrapping
Elevate your gift-giving game by using the wood tags as unique personalized gift labels.


a. Write the recipient's name or a short message on the tag. This personalizes the gift.

b. Combine the tags with twine, ribbons, or burlap for a cohesive and earthy look. The contrast of textures will make your gifts stand out.


2. Table Setting
Transform your dining table into a festive masterpiece with the wood tag set.


a. Wrap a napkin with jute or twine and attach a wood tag. This simple addition elevates the table setting, adding a personal touch for each guest.

b. Tuck a pine sprig or a small sprig of holly into the jute-wrapped napkin for a touch of greenery and festive flair.


3. Decorative Hooks
Decorative hooks offer a unique approach to displaying your stockings.


a. Position the stockings on the hooks, ensuring they hang at even lengths, creating a harmonious look that complements the surrounding decor.

b. On the other unused hooks, hang a few pine sprigs tied together with twine. Add a couple of gold bells to the mix.

c. Add the wood tag set to each stocking.


The wood tag set is more than just a decorative item. It brings a personal touch to your holiday celebrations. Whether it’s a handwritten name or a festive quote, these tags allow you to infuse your own stories and sentiments into your holiday decor.