This season, as we embrace renewal and rejuvenation, let's focus on combining functionality with aesthetic appeal, transforming everyday essentials into elements of decor. The Metal and Wood Riser from the Spring 2024 Box is a perfect example of this. 

Here are 3 ways to use the metal and wood riser:


1. In the Kitchen


a. Place the riser next to your sink.

b. Take the Pump Soap Dispensers from the Spring 2023 box and place them on the riser. Opt for a soap dispenser that complements the theme of your kitchen. Materials like glass, ceramic, or metal in soft gold can add a touch of elegance.

c. Look for a small dishbrush that goes well with the dispenser. Wooden handles can add a natural touch that pairs with the metal and wood theme.

d. This arrangement does more than just beautify your space; it also serves to protect your countertops from water damage, ensuring functionality goes hand-in-hand with form.


2. With a Candle


a. Choose a candle with a light, spring-inspired scent, such as floral or citrus, to freshen up the kitchen air. Place the canlde on the riser.

b. Position the candle where it can be enjoyed safely, such as on a kitchen island or dining table, away from high-traffic areas.

c. Place it in the center of your table for a nice centerpiece to be enjoyed at your next party!


3. Faux Flower in an Entryway


a. Place the riser with the flower arrangement in a strategic spot within the entryway where it can be easily seen upon entering.

b. Consider adding a small decorative element next to the vase on the riser, such as a scented candle or a decorative figurine, to further personalize the space.

c. Add some pieces from the Spring 2024 Box to enhance the overall theme of your entryway, or choose your own pieces to go there. 


As you incorporate these tips, remember that the essence of spring is about renewal and growth—themes that can inspire not only your decor but also your daily life. These tips are only a guide, but we can’t wait to see how you use the riser!