Winter's here, and if you're anything like me, you're probably thinking about how to spruce up your home with some cool winter vibes. Well, guess what? The Water Hyacinth Sleigh from the Winter 2023 Box is a total game changer. This sled is not limited to just one style or theme.

Here are a few ways to Style the Sleigh:

1. The Coffee Table: A Centerpiece of Charm
A coffee table is often the focal point of a living room, making it the perfect spot for the sleigh.


a. Nest and Layer: Place the sleigh on a soft faux fur table runner. Inside the sleigh, nestle an LED candle.

b. Accessorize: Add pinecones to the sleigh and other festive winter elements to the sleigh. Try adding greenery for an added touch of outdoor elements


2. The Shelf: Elevated Elegance
Shelves offer an excellent canvas for seasonal decor, allowing for layers of creativity in a compact space.


a. Positioning: Place the sleigh slightly off-center on the shelf, ensuring it’s the star of the show but leaving room for additional elements.

b. Gifts Galore: Try filling the sleigh with wrapped presents of varying sizes.

c. Finishing touches: To the side of the sleigh, add a faux tree, wreath, or other decorative items to add depth and visual interest to your shelf setup.


3. The Mantel: A Winter Masterpiece
The mantel is often the heart of a living space, especially during the holiday season.


a. Off-Center: Position the sleigh to either side of the mantel. The placement allows for a layered decor arrangement.

b. Pine Garland Magic: Drape a lush pine garland along the length of the mantel, letting it cascade slightly on the sides.

c. Dazzling Display: Center a decorative mirror above the mantel, add a wreath, or other decorative artwork to hang above the mantel.

d. Seasonal Splendor: On the mantel, place seasonal decor elements such as snowflakes, ornaments, small ceramic reindeer, or festive lanterns. This will create a visual balance and embrace the warm and festive atmosphere.


The water hyacinth sleigh is more than just a decor piece. It's a reflection of style and versatility. As we embrace the winter season, let's also embrace decor that tells a story and adds warmth to our homes.