It's finally Spring!

This is such an amazing time for new beginnings, fresh starts, and lots of activities. Spring brings lots of color, new blooms, and new adventures. It's every kids' favorite because it means warmer weather, the looming summer break, and it's vibrant and exciting!

It's also that awkward time where sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's hot. Well, at least that's what it's like here in Utah! Regardless of where you are, here are some of my favorite ways to "bridge the gap" from Winter to Spring.

Get them involved with the "Spring Cleaning"

Clean your home, paint your walls, vacuum carpets, clean living room, paint your walls

This is the perfect time for a clean and fresh new start! Make it a family activity to get your kids involved too! You can either get crazy and completely clean out and repaint a room as we did, or you can start small by just organizing a closet. Either way, getting them involved can be simple. Make a game of it! You can “shoot baskets” by throwing stuff away, or play a color matching or sorting game. I like to let them decorate our home as well! With Decocrated, home decor gets sent right to our door. We open it together and they get so excited to helo me decorate. This is a super-easy way to be with your kids, while also being productive

Get outside and bring outside in!

Get outside, Walking with your kids, walking with your family, exercising with your family, scootering

We are big on the outdoors and adventure, but here in Utah, it can still get so cold in Spring. This means a lot of hybrid play! If it's warm enough, we are definitely taking walks or riding bikes and scooters outside. On those cold days, we play an outside game inside. Such as soccer, catch, tag, etc. It gets a little difficult with walls and breakable things, but it can still be done. We also like to do science experiments, make messes, or even classify rocks and leaves. A super easy indoor activity is painting rocks or drawing flowers. This brings me to my last suggestion.

Get crafty!

Drawing with your kids, organizing crafts area, kid drawing a flower

We are trying to teach our toddler how to draw flowers, so that is probably the most simple craft right now. But for our older son, we have been trying things like tracing or making a classification spreadsheet for the different types of spring flowers. As I said before painting rocks is a fun way to bring the outside in! These activities are easy, cheap, and you most likely have everything you need already.

Hello! I'm Lynsey, a wife, and mom from Northern Utah. Decorating is a newfound love of mine, thanks to Decocrated. I love finding creative ways to style my home, but I’m also super practical and like to keep it real and honest so we can set realistic expectations. You can find me on my website or on social media as @realmomtribe.