As the cold sets in, we embrace the change for a cold-weather home refresh. With the winter decor trends of 2023 guiding our way this year, we’re all set to give our spaces a fresh twist.

The Faux Pine Wreath from our Christmas 2023 DeLuxe Box is not just a decorative piece, it’s a statement. While traditionally wreaths find their home on front doors, we encourage you to think outside the box this year with these style tips:


1. The Decorative Ladder Beside a Table
Positioning a decorative ladder next to a table, especially when adjacent to a Christmas tree, creates a festive corner that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.


a. Wreath Wonder: Hang the faux pine wreath on the upper rung of the ladder. Its greenery will contrast beautifully against the ladder’s wooden frame.

b. Table Showcase: On the shelf next to the ladder, place other decor items such as glass boxes, delicate ornaments, or fairy lights.

c. Gift Galore: Beneath the shelf, arrange fake or real presents wrapped in paper and colored ribbons. This not only fills the shelf space but adds to the anticipation of the holiday season.

d. Glass Tree Elegance: On the top layer of the shelf, add the Glass Trees from the Christmas 2023 DeLuxe Box. The tree lights will reflect off the surface of the glass creating a shimmer and adding depth to the corner.

e. Tree Brilliance: Ensure that the decor on the tree matches the decor elements on the shelf. This includes similar colored ornaments, and wrapping paper on the presents under the tree. This will create a cohesive look. 


2. The Mantel:
The mantel, often the centerpiece of a living room, provides a prime stage for holiday decor, and with the right elements, it can truly shine.


a. Wreath Reflection: Hang the wreath from a mirror above the mantel. This makes the greenery a standout feature.

b. Stocking Sophistication: Hang stockings on the mantel at even intervals. The fabric and design will complement the pine elements of the wreath, creating a harmonious look.

c. Candlelit Glow: Place the candleholders from the Halloween 2023 DeLuxe Box on the mantel. The varying heights will add depth to your decor.

d. Layered Elements: Consider adding other festive elements such as a pine garland or even small Christmas figurines to tie in the holiday cheer!


3. The Dining Table:
The dining table offers a canvas for uniquely showcasing the faux pine wreath.


a. Flat Lay: Instead of hanging, lay the pine wreath flat in the center of your dining table. Its circular form naturally draws the eye, creating a focal point for your festive feasts.

b. Festive Flair: Within the Wreath’s Circle add the Glass Trees from the Christmas 2023 DeLuxe Box, or the Glass Candleholder Set from the Winter 2023 Box. You can also add your own festive flair with decorative elements such as pinecones, figurines, or decorative tabletop signs. 


c. Dinnerware Coordination: Choose plates, cutlery, and glassware that complement the wreath’s color palette. Consider using napkin rings made with pine sprigs and berries to tie the entire look together.


The faux pine wreath exemplifies versatility and style. Let this piece transform your home and capture the essence of the snowy season. As you incorporate these style tips into your decor, remember that each piece is a reflection of the joy, hope, and warmth that the season brings. We can’t wait to see all of the creative ways you choose to use this wreath!