When it comes to table decor, not many people jump to using a table runner. It is such an underrated piece that elevates your tablescape to the next level! 

This simple table decoration creates an elegant base for your decor as well as protects your table from hot dishes or spills without the overwhelmingly big tablecloth. 

Although table runners seem to be limited to just one use, we are actually here to show you the uniquely beautiful ways you can decorate your home with your Winter 2022 Table Runner from Decocrated!

1.    Entryway

Table runners are traditionally used to be styled length-wise! So it is actually perfect for a entryway table with a longer width! Having it be longer on each end of your table creates this hugging effect that will instantly change the look of your space. Adding a table runner to your entryway table or console table easily elevates it and creates an elegant look without completely changing the table each season. The Winter 2022 Gray Table Runner transforms your entryway into a winter wonderland instantly. Style the Winter 2022 Red Table Runner on an entryway table with contrasting evergreen details to make the colors pop! 


2.   Basket Accent

Photo by Heidi Connor

Beautiful baskets are the perfect piece to incorporate into your home decor to easily organize clutter, style greenery/florals, provide storage, and add some flair! The perfect way to elevate your basket further is by adding a table runner to it! Whether thay be folded over the edge, wrapped inside, or used to cover what you are storing in the basket! The photo above, the table runner was elegantly used as a way to wrap around a potted plant. The Winter 2022 Red table runner created a beautiful Winter/Christmas vibe within the basket as it contrasts the evergreen tree it is holding! Add a cute ornament to your evergreen look! Heidi added one of the ornaments from the Christmas 2022 Add-on Box.


3.    Bed Cover 

Photo by Heidi Connor

Have you ever stayed at a hotel and they have a beautifully styled length-wise bed cover? You can easily do this to any bedroom in your home by simply adding a table runner! This is the perfect added touch for when your guests visit this holiday season!  It will create a luxurious and sleek look to your bedroom decor andmake your guests feel so welcome! 

We hope these unique ideas give you some inspiration for your table runner! Let us know how you are styling your Winter 2022 Table Runner in the comments below! 

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