If you're looking to make a hauntingly impactful statement, let me introduce you to the magnificent Dried Eucalyptus from the Halloween 2023 DeLuxe Box! This little wonder is perfect for adding seasonal warmth and vibrancy to any room. 

Here are some alternative ways to use dried eucalyptus this Halloween season:

1. In a Place Setting with a Napkin Ring:

Give your Halloween table settings an elegant and enchanting touch by incorporating dried eucalyptus in a napkin ring. Simply place the Summer 2023 Napkin into the Summer 2023 Napkin Ring, in whatever style you choose, and tuck in a sprig of dried eucalyptus. This simple addition will add a touch of seasonal vibrancy to your next fall or Halloween gathering. 


2. On a Bar Cart as Decor: 

Choose a tray or dish and place it on your bar cart. Begin by lining the bottom with a layer of dried eucalyptus. On this eucalyptus foundation, display your preferred Halloween decorations. Consider incorporating pumpkins, spooky figurines, or items from the Halloween 2023 DeLuxe Box. This setup will enhance the depth and dimension of your bar cart’s decor.


3. In a Basket: 


Select a woven or wooden basket and fill it with a generous amount of the dried eucalyptus. Arrange the branches loosely, allowing them to cascade over the sides of the basket for a natural and organic look. This arrangement can serve as a beautiful centerpiece for your dining table or as a decorative accent on a console table or mantel. 

Whether you're hosting a Halloween dinner party or simply sprucing up your home, these style tips will ensure that your dried eucalyptus arrangements make a striking statement. Now, it's your turn to shine! We'd love to see your creativity in action.