This is crazy, I actually feel crazy saying this…but I think I’m about to tell you my favorite Decocrated piece of all time. Yup, of. all. time. Can I say that? Do you have one? Oh man, this is gonna be fun, haha! Please note this is my selection as of today, I reserve the right to change as new boxes are released. ;)

Drum roll please — friends, my favorite Decocrated piece of all time is …the ABSOLUTELY STUNNING MOON MIRROR FROM THE FALL 2021 BOX!!! It feels like a big deal to say that out loud (or write it in this post today) because there are so many amazing items Decocrated has released but I feel pretty confident in my decision. ;) I LOVE IT. It’s sleek and modern, unique and special, truly unlike anything I’ve seen out there in the décor world! 

Today I wanted to show you WHY I love this mirror so much. I mostly want the photos to speak for themselves but I’ve styled it a couple different ways for you, so I’ll share a little bit about what I did and how I did it. 

I love the moon mirror….


The first way I styled my mirror was above my mantel. This was an obvious spot for it because it’s such a focal point and deserves to be highlighted like this, front and center. I wanted the mirror to shine and be noticed, this was the perfect place for it. I kept the surrounding décor simple for this reason. I especially love how the navy crescent pops on the white walls. And even though it’s not the biggest mirror ever, I feel like it holds its own in this big open space. 

Next, I love the moon mirror…


The second way I styled my moon mirror was as a tray. I thought this was a unique and different way to use it. I placed it on my desk and added the fall beads and metal pumpkin (that I DIYed earlier). It gives traditional desk-top décor a fun update, don’t you think? It functions like a tray but also provides some extra visual interest because it’s reflective. I love how it turned out. 

Okay, which do you like better? Now that I’ve styled it a few ways I need to decide where it’s going to live for a bit…I’m leaning towards the mantel, what do you think?

We’d love to know how you styled your mirror! Share below so we can keep the ideas coming!