Easter decorations bring warmth, joy, and the freshness of spring into our homes. This guide will take you through the steps to beautifully style two charming pieces for your Easter decor: the Carrot Patch Tabletop Sign and the festive Happy Easter Sign from the Easter 2024 DeLuxe Box. Follow these simple steps to create eye-catching displays that will brighten your home this Easter season.

Here are 2 ways to use the signs for your Spring/Easter displays: 


1. On a Tray


a. Place the Wooden Two-Tier Tray on your table, preferably in the center.

b. Place the Carrot Patch Sign on one layer of the tray and the Happy Easter Sign on the other.

c. Surround the sign with Easter-themed elements such as faux moss, miniature bunny figurines, and the Set of 8 Decorative Eggs to create a playful layered effect.

d. Incorporate small potted plants or fresh flowers to add a touch of greenery and complete the springtime look. 


2. On a Mantle or Shelf


a. Place a tray. Select a decorative tray that complements your mantle's width and overall decor style. This tray will serve as the base for your Easter display, helping to unify the various elements. Center the tray on the mantle to provide a structured area for your decorations.

b. Place the tabletop signs on different parts of the mantle.

c. Add the Set of 2 Wooden Bunnies to your display. This will add some natural texture. Vary the heights and positions to create a dynamic and engaging scene.

d. Incorporate the Ceramic Egg-Shaped Plate into your arrangement, ideally placing it on the tray. This unique piece not only adds thematic relevance but also serves as an eye-catching element that draws attention to your Easter display.

e. Scatter decorative eggs. These can be placed on the mantle, around the tray, or even arranged on the ceramic egg-shaped plate.

f. Mix and match colors, sizes, and textures to add depth and interest to your display.


Styling your Easter tabletop signs with these simple steps can transform your home into a festive and inviting space for the season. Whether you're decorating a tray, side table, or mantle, these tips will help you create beautiful, seasonal arrangements that celebrate the joy and renewal of Easter. Happy decorating!