Your Decocrated delivery is filled with carefully selected items for your home, from tabletop décor to textile elements and wall accents.

School’s out and summer is in, so get ready to welcome fun in the sun with candy-colored hues and cool, summer icons. Be the hostess with the mostess by incorporating lush, tropical foliage into your outdoor tablescapes and utilizing multifunctional pieces that also add style and purpose.

Jasmine Estrada enjoys splashing her personality and influences on both the computer screen and blank canvas or paper. Miamian by birth, she was heavily influenced by her parents who were musicians and artists, with art being more a way of life than anything else. With a pencil in her hand and ideas in her heart, Jasmine’s doodles began at a young age. The seasons passed, and the brushes changed, and she naturally went on to attend the New World School of Arts College coupled with a bachelor’s in Fine Arts from the University of Florida, specializing in Graphic Design with a minor in Art History.

Today Jazzdoodles provides illustration and design services for a range of clients, which have earned her mentions in numerous publications such as Elle Canada, Brides Magazine, Brit & Co, GoodHousekeeping and others.

To see more of Jasmine’s creations, visit JAZZDOODLES.COM.

Spring is all about renewal and growth, so what better way to welcome this season into your home than by adding accents of bright pastels with neutral undertones. Invite the outside in with floral patterns that evoke lush gardens and organize your space with style and ease as you transition to summer.

Spring Featured Artist | Jazzdoodles

For the winter season, classic green and red color schemes come to play with seasonal icons. As winter transitions to the holidays, cheerful and modern typography with metallic finishes add sophistication and wonder to your home for the holiday season.

For the fall season, bright colors and simple florals come to play with seasonal icons. As fall transitions to Halloween, celestial imagery and a neutral color palette will add sophistication and wonder to your home for the holidays.

By the end of the year, you’ll own a beautiful collection of pieces that work together to make your house feel like home.

We pick objects that can easily transition from season to season without getting stale — so you can continue to use and love items from previous boxes. Most item dimensions are around 13 inches (don’t worry, we won’t send you a new couch).

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