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Ahh...summer. The word itself reminds us of warm days at the beach, picnics with the fam, and outdoor movie nights with the kiddos on the lawn. There’s just something about it that says, “Relaxation.” Now, here’s an idea. What if you could bring those same feelings of relaxation, comfort, and fun into your home? Good news: you can! With Decocrated’s seasonally inspired home décor subscription boxes, you’ll receive amazing pieces for your summer decoration that you can’t find elsewhere (and give your home those relaxing vibes you love so much about the season).


Why Decocrated is the best summer decoration?

We curate seasonal home décor to freshen up your home each season, including interchangeable items that you can use and love for years to come. Plus, we share inspiration, how-tos, and pro decorating tips. And we deliver all of it right to your front door at an affordable price!

Spark your creativity with one of these summer décor themes.

We love a good outdoor living space, and the inside of your home can be just as great. Try your hand at one of these fun summer décor themes to promote a summer vacay type of feeling in your home. (Your kids and significant other will love it!)

#1: Clean, Light, and Vibrant SUMMER DECOR

It’s not about *how much* home décor you use to spruce up your living space. No, sir. It’s about the types of home décor you choose. A simple minimalist look can tell the story of summer without you needing to purchase random trinkets for counter spaces you might not use. Our seasonally inspired subscription boxes carry a mix of all sorts of items, friendly for every aesthetic--including minimalist. Have fun with plenty of white space and the right accessories. To make your look pop in all the best ways, sprinkle in tabletop décor, pillowcases, and art in vibrant colors that make you happy every time you walk by.

#2: Beachy and Botanical DECOR FOR SUMMER

Nothing says summer quite like a mojito and tropical plant. Play up the parts you love the most about your home with beachy and flowery accessories that make you feel like you have an indoor-outdoor living space. Art is key here. The goal is to transport your fam to a sunny beach in the middle of Florida whenever you walk into your living room. Let it be known that summer is your favorite season when you accessorize with Decocrated’s home décor subscription boxes. (Psst.. Many of the items can be repurposed for other times of the year, so you can get use out of them in multiple seasons. Talk about a bang for your buck!)


Decocrate your home in time for summer today.

You’ve got your beach sunnies, tote bag, sandals, and sunscreen. Now, it’s time for your summer decorations. Welcome summer into your home with a few unique décor items when you choose Decocrated. We’re known for high-quality items at affordable prices with styling inspo you can’t get elsewhere, and we carry plenty of items that will remind you (and your guests) of summer--no matter the theme you choose for your home. Subscribe to our seasonal subscription boxes today.


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