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How It All Started

Decocrated began by an experienced team of home décor lovers. The founders and team have extensive experience in all areas of home décor, marketing, product design, development, and fulfillment dating back to the 1990's. During the Fall of 2018, Decocrated launched its first box. With incredible success, Decocrated sold out both Fall and Winter 2018 boxes in a few weeks. From this experience, the Deco Team knew that the market was hungry for a seasonal home décor subscription box that would provide educational tips and communities around decorating.

Voted 2023 Best Subscription Box In The US

Since our inception in 2018, Decocrated has been consistently delivering joy and inspiration to the doorsteps of our loyal subscribers, earning accolades and recognition along the way. Winning best home décor box in US from 2019-2023 by various award sites and widely-read publications.

Our proudest moment, however, came in 2023 when we were distinguished with the Subta Award for Best Subscription Box in the United States. This prestigious honor further solidifies our standing in the home decor industry and underscores our commitment to curating the best for our subscribers.

What makes us different

Encourage Creativity & Inclusivity
Encourage Creativity & Inclusivity
Decocrated sends you unique handpicked items that you will love and reuse for years to come. Don’t be afraid to take the items and make them your own!
Provide Guidance & Support
Provide Guidance & Support
We are here for you. Throughout your Decocrated experience, we will guide members to improve their homes with passion and confidence. If you love styling your home and want a little inspiration, Decocrated is for you!
Listen & Learn with Us
Listen & Learn with Us
Spend less time decorating your home and more time enjoying it! Creating a home that brings you joy and tells your story. Do it with Decocrated!


The Decocrators:  This is our main Facebook community.  A
community to connect with fellow Decocrators. 
Stay in the loop, share your home décor ideas.  Contests, giveaways and exclusive drops.

DecoHacks: For our DIY/Hackers.  This community is all about sharing your DIY/Hack ideas surrounding our Decocrated décor.

Decocrated Marketplace: 
A place to swap, trade and exchange boxes and box items with other subscribers. 

Team First Concept!

Our Decocrated Team is full of creative, fun, and hardworking individuals who love all things home décor. Together, we bring passion and love to every box our subscribers receive!