Not all home décor subscription boxes are created equal. Decocrated is for you if you love styling your home, and you want a liiiiittle inspiration.

You enjoy the thrill of hunting down the perfect piece to finish a room… but you don’t always have the time or energy to find it. And it makes you happy to change up your space with the seasons – but sometimes just keeping things tidy is all you can manage.

Other home décor subscription boxes are too frequent, too expensive, or too niche for your tastes. That’s where Decocrated comes in.

Every three months, we’ll send you a handpicked selection of home décor that evokes the season, keeps your space feeling fresh, and works with the pieces you already own and love.

It’s an effortless, fun way to turn your house into a home and stay
on-trend WITHOUT any reckless Instagram shopping.

Create a home that brings you joy and tells your story. Do it with Decocrated.

Spend less time decorating your home & more time enjoying it.

Meet The Decocrated TeamWE’RE PRETTY CRATE

Claudia Cardenas

Years in the biz: 11

Favorite thing in her home: Too hard to choose just one!

Decorating style: Eclectic & romantic

Claudia CardenasChief Brand Officer

A lifelong lover of design and décor, Claudia’s space is her sanctuary — and she’d love for you to feel the same way.

“I want Decocrated subscribers to feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in their home,” she says. “Even if you don’t have the time to go out and buy home décor, we’ll keep your home feeling fresh and relaxing.”

Anais Cowley

Years in the biz: 8

Favorite thing in her home: Toss-up between her mustard IKEA Strandmon chair & local artwork

Decorating style: Modern industrial farmhouse

Anais CowleyDirector of Social Media

Anais is always coming up with new home décor ideas to show
subscribers how they can decorate without
breaking the bank.

“I love the fact that Decocrated has a bit of an ‘empowered women’ flair,” she says. “Our brand is women-centric, and I want our subscribers to feel like they’ve got this decorating thing down pat.”

Kat Fonte

Years in the biz: 8

Favorite thing in her home: Toss-up between a set of typewriter coasters & a thrifted ceramic cat

Decorating style: Cozy & eclectic

Kat FonteSenior Graphic Designer

Kat’s detail-oriented work centers on bringing Decocrated’s vision to life, from branding and digital media right down to the beautiful packaging subscribers see when their boxes are delivered.

“I want our subscribers to walk in the door and feel like they’re HOME,” she says. “They’re in a place where they feel totally at ease, and they can look around and feel a sense of accomplishment in the space they’ve curated for themselves.”

Nicole Provost-Heron

Years in the biz: 19

Favorite thing in her home: The eye-catching statement piece over her couch

Decorating style: Versatile & interchangeable

Nicole Provost-HeronDirector of Product Development

Nicole lives for the moments when new product lines hit the showroom floor. “To me, home decorating encompasses trend-spotting, treasure-hunting, and collection-building all in one,” she says.

“Her goal is for Decocrated subscribers to fall in love with their homes — down
to the moment they are sitting with a cup of coffee and glance over at the
perfectly styled coffee table or gallery wall.”

Mara Iserson

Years in the biz: 4

Favorite thing in her home: Handmade shell mirror made by her Aunt, that hangs above her bed

Decorating style: A mix of boho and farmhouse

Mara IsersonEcommerce Customer Specialist

Mara is always making sure our subscribers feel at home with Decocrated! She will do anything she can to make sure they have the best experience, whether it’s the website to our email marketing to making sure all questions get answered!

“Decocrated is Home Décor made easy,“ she says. Here at Decocrated we truly put our heart into it to make versatile, one of a kind products that you can use all year round!“

Evan Merkur

Years in the biz: His whole life!

Favorite thing in his home: His couch (especially the part that’s great for sleeping)

Decorating style: His wife’s

Evan MerkurCo-Founder

Evan loves that Decocrated solves home decorating challenges at an affordable price point, so anyone can update and personalize their space.

“My wife has done a great job decorating our home and making it feel like my home when I walk in every day,” he says. “That’s the feeling we aim to give our subscribers.”

Michael Siegel

Years in the biz: 22

Favorite thing in his home: The couch… preferably in front of the TV during football season

Decorating style: Transitional, modern, clean

Michael SiegelCo-Founder

Since he knows lots of people need just a little help choosing home décor, Michael is excited to help fill that void.

“Many people need or want help decorating their space,” he says. “I’m hoping that Decocrated can play a role in making people feel proud of their homes.”