Many of us are working from home these days and looking for ways to enhance our home office décor. If you are required to work in a room for 8 hours or more every day, why not make it functional and pretty? Your home office is the perfect room to experiment with colors and patterns. You can mix prints and textures and give them a cohesive look by staying within the same color family. It’s your home office, which means you can do whatever makes you happy in that space.

Start with the basics, like choosing a desk. Your personality and style play a significant role in the type of desk you will ultimately select; however, it is important to consider the ergonomic design. When choosing a desk, consider the various ways you will use it. A desk tends to be one of those furniture pieces that serves a purpose for quite a while, so choose wisely. You also want to consider a proper fitting desk chair and additional seating in the space. Both should be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. After all, you can’t be productive if your back is hurting all day!

I chose this chair because of the beautiful yellow color. The indigo blue boho patterned Lumbar Pillow from the Summer 2021 box and the Burnt Orange Velvet Square Pillow from the Members Only Shop both accented the yellow nicely while mixing patterns, textures, and colors.

After choosing your main furniture pieces, add the finishing touches with your office accessories. I discovered how the Fall 2021 Box Wood Ladder is an awesome and unique way to display daily affirmations, to-do lists and reminders. I also found that the Fall 2021 Box Moon Mirror doubles as a tray to hold office supplies, like staplers and tape dispensers.

Be creative, use accessories in unconventional ways. Here, I am using the Members Only Shop Soho Gold Candlestick as a pen/pencil holder. I simply turned them upside down, added a plastic cup to the inside, and then added the writing utensils.

One of the best things about working from home is making all the décor and furniture decisions. You benefit from not sharing your space with co-workers, which gives you the freedom to focus solely on your comfort and décor preferences. How do you prefer to style your workspace? Share with us below!

xoxo, Doris (Doris Roberts Interiors)

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