Wow, the time has flown. It feels like just yesterday we were all learning about COVID-19 and beginning to quarantine. This past year has reminded us how fortunate we are for the here and now. As the winter season is starting, let’s remember to give thanks and be grateful for what we have. Channeling this warmth, gratitude and spirit of giving, I present to you Decocrated’s official Winter playlist! Sit back, relax with family and friends and listen to the tunes I have curated for you all that bring the spirit of winter alive! Come chill out with Deco! 

 1. Andy Williams: “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year”  

I’m sorry, I had to do it. Okay, maybe Andy Williams is singing specifically of Christmastime being the “most wonderful time of the year,” but it can be argued that this song represents wintertime as a whole. For the functionality of this article, let’s go with that – although Christmastime definitely takes the cake. Let’s start off with a bang! Take it away Andy Williams, and cue the reindeer! 

2. Red Hot Chili Peppers: “Snow (Hey Oh)”  

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to introduce you to this absolutely incredible song. It was great in 2006 and it still is in 2021.  RHCP is also going back on tour in 2022, so snatch some tickets while you jam out to this classic! This is your sign to do so!

3. The Doors: “Wintertime Love” 

Let’s throw in some rock hits, shall we? Many have heard of The Doors, but maybe not this lesser-known release from 1968. It combines the perfect amount of eeriness, instrumental backing (maybe some folk roots in there), and meaningful lyrics to pose a unique wintertime love story. In my head, this song is sung by a local pianist at a pub somewhere in a small town in the mountains, while the bar-goers dance around after they've all been snowed in. Do you have that image in your head right now? Keep it, listen to the song and tell me you disagree.

4. Taylor Swift: “Back to December” 

Has anyone been following T-Swift's music these days? It’s phenomenal...but so was her old music. This song in particular, I feel, defined my childhood. Leave it to Taylor to romanticize a breakup in the winter and make it so poetic. The music video also gives me MAJOR winter vibes.  

5. Jack Johnson: “Better Together”

This song might live on to be one of my top five favorite songs ever. When you listen to it, you might be getting a summer or spring feel, but there’s a specific reason why this song belongs in winter. To me, winter and the holidays that fall during the season are very unifying. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, etc. are all worldwide shared experiences. Many humans are sitting around a table with their families during Thanksgiving, opening up presents on Christmas morning, or counting down the last seconds of the year. This song represents that although we are all independent individuals, we all come together symbolically during winter, and ultimately, we are all better together. There is lots of power in that. Enjoy. 

6. Chris Stapleton: “Cold” 

You can always count on Chris Stapleton to deliver a soulful ballad. This song is heartfelt as he opens up about a past lover who he portrays as heartless. Her love was “cold,” he sings, and although this might be a more somber one, it evokes the much-needed chill of winter — maybe not physically, but emotionally.

7. Kanye West: “Coldest Winter” 

No one gives Kanye West enough credit. He can produce some songs with profound messages like this one about his experience with heartbreak. Maybe the delivery can sometimes get lost in translation, but the thought is what counts. For this one, I invite you to listen and not watch the video – unless you want to. Fair warning: It’s a little odd. Great song for our winter-themed playlist, though! 

 8. Phillip Phillips: “Home” 

This song just makes me all warm and giddy inside. It reminds me of home. Winter, to me, is very homey. Maybe it’s because the holidays are all very family-oriented, but the holidays themselves all make my heart happy just like my home does. Think about what – or who – is your home while you listen; it’s okay to cry, no shame at all. I shed a few…

9. Ariana Grande: “Winter Things” 

Living in Florida and not getting the authentic Christmas experience, I relate to this song a lot. Ariana Grande sings about how it's 100 degrees where she’s at during the winter, but just like she sings, I tend to pretend I’m in the north pole where it’s ice cold. While I lie out to tan, I close my eyes and imagine I’m doing snow angels in the thick snow. Your imagination can be a very powerful thing, friends! Regardless of where you are during the winter, this song has got you covered with some typical winter things to indulge in! 

10. Disclosure, Jamie Woon & KAYTRANADA: “January - Kaytranada Edition” 

 With these playlists, I like to give some variety in the genres I include so that there is something for everyone. Here is the winter dose of electronic music. Not much relation to winter except the title, but if it matters, as I’m writing this right now, I can’t help wiggling in my chair alongside the beat. This is a fun, hip and funky song I thought I’d sprinkle into this playlist. I hope you love it!

11. Khalid: “Winter” 

Coming at you with another song metaphorically comparing heartbreak to the ice-cold of winter. During a live performance in Berlin, Khalid introduced this song by saying, “may as well sing this because it’s really cold over here.” I encourage you to do the same. Is it below 40 degrees outside? Is snow piling up on your car? Are the kiddos home because classes were snowed in? If so, then it’s really cold where you are. Turn this song up... 

12. Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson: “Winter Song” 

This song is absolutely beautiful. It is about loss, self-discovery, love, introspection and so much more. The video is equally touching. Two cartoon women go on a journey through their winter wonderland realm in search of love. Spoiler alert: They find it. Tears. Literal tears down my face right now.  

13. Billy Joel: “Vienna” 

Ah, “Vienna.” A classic. In an interview about the meaning of the song, Billy Joel said, “Slow down, look around you and have some gratitude for the good things in your life. That's what Vienna represented to me.” This is also what wintertime represents for me, especially during the time of Thanksgiving. There’s a lot of slowing down and remembering the good things in life during that holiday and other winter holidays, so this song felt right here...not to mention it is downright incredible.  

14. Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros: “Home” 

Yes I’m aware that I already included a song by the same title, it has the same exact reason for being on this playlist, and the video is set in a very hot and arid-looking location...C’mon people it is all about the lyrics! This song also gives me great vibes and makes me happy. Blast this song on Christmas morning and jam out with the kiddos and your significant other. Pure bliss.  

15. Mariah Carey: “All I Want for Christmas Is You” 

I started with a classic; I may as well end with one, too! Closing off this diverse winter playlist with a staple Christmas hit because Christmas is debatably the best holiday EVER. Sing it, Mariah! 

That’s all, folks! Wishing you and your families a winter season that is happy, healthy, safe, loving, warm, cozy, shall I go on? To keep you company, this trusty playlist has got your back! Click here for the full playlist with some other great tunes from the Decocrated team!