My bedroom looks the same 10 months out of the year (the other two months, November and December, it has some Christmas decor mixed in) and frankly I just get bored with it. I wish I had an unlimited budget and could just flip the decor on a whim, but I don’t. And my guess is most of you readers don’t either. 

So what’s a homeowner to do?! Well, add in some winter decor of course. Thanks to my Decocrated subscription, I have a great selection from which to choose. Mix in a few other items and your master bedroom will go from blah to winter warmth in no time.


1.  Blankets!

There isn’t much cozier than a blanket or two in a master bedroom. Drape a blanket on the foot of your bed, fold some on top of a vintage trunk or pile them in a decorative basket; it looks cute, adds texture, and screams cozy. The green throw blanket from the Winter 2019 Box works perfectly here and helps to tie in the other pops of green throughout my bedroom.


2.  Throw Pillows

One of the easiest things you can do to switch up your decor for the seasons is swap out your throw pillow covers. I love this lumbar pillow from the Winter 2019 Box. It is perfect for the winter months.

Either side of the Evergreen throw pillows from the Winter 2021 Box could work, but I like the green side for my egg chair. Toss them on your bed or other master bedroom furniture to help make the space warm and cozy.

3.  Electric Fireplace/Heater

My small electric fireplace is one of my favorite things ever. Not only is it cute, but it keeps our large master bedroom warm (and it won’t break the bank). It definitely gives the room a bit more of a winter vibe and fills in some space to increase the coziness.

4.  Winter Trees

Some of the first things I think of when I think of winter are snow and evergreen trees. So I obviously had to work these into my winter bedroom decor. I’ve hung the evergreen wall art from the Winter 2021 Box above our dresser and I keep a white vintage (my mother-in-law’s from the 70’s) tree in the corner through March.

On top of my vintage chest, I have set up the wooden tray from the Winter 2019 Box with the Ceramic Trees front of the Winter 2020 Box and the Art Print from the Winter 2021 Box.

Those are just a few of my ideas to help you create a cozy bedroom. Follow me on the accounts below for more seasonal styling tips and home decor features. 

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