Almost every year at the end of school, my daughter makes a summer bucket list to include all of the fun activities she wants to complete while on summer break. But why should summer get all of the fun? Winter has just as many awesome opportunities for joy and excitement. So here is a winter bucket list full of fun activities that you can mark off as you complete them

1.) Hike to a frozen waterfall.
If you have a waterfall near you, consider hiking it when you get a good covering of snow to see the waterfall frozen over. Of course, use extra caution and wear appropriate clothing when you hike.

2.) Decorate your house for winter/the holidays.

With so many winter holidays, make sure to get your home in the festive spirit. The Decocrated Winter Box is the PERFECT addition to help you create a cozy and beautifully decorated home.

3.) Have a snowball fight (or an indoor “snowball” fight).

If you have the good snow that packs nicely, maybe have a friendly snowball fight. If snow doesn’t happen around you, consider an indoor snowball fight with soft, plush snowballs.

4.) Drink hot chocolate and watch a movie.

Grab your favorite hot chocolate or make your own at home and cuddle up on the couch with lots of blankets to watch a favorite movie. Bonus points if the movie takes place in the snow.

5.) Go ice skating.
So many cities offer ice skating rinks during the winter. Find one near you and give it a try!

6.) Build a snowman.

Just like number 3 above, if you have snow that packs nicely, you definitely want to make a snowman. Be sure to grab accessories for him like a hat and scarf and even a carrot for his nose and buttons for his eyes.

7.) Make snow angels.

Snow angels are a must during any good snow. But you can also do these on the floor with flour or baby powder, just be prepared for the clean-up afterwards.

8.) Hack a Decocrated item.

There is such a great community at Decocrated where subscribers share how they hack an item they received in one of the seasonal boxes. Browse the DecoHacks group for inspiration and spend the extra time inside hacking an item to work for your home.

9.) Work on a puzzle.
During the winter, we all spend a lot more time indoors. Instead of reaching for a tablet or your phone, try to work a puzzle. There are so many neat options available, I’m sure you can find a puzzle with any kind of picture you prefer.

10.) Try a new winter recipe.

A cozy winter night is a perfect time to try a new soup or even a crockpot recipe. Anything that is warm and comforting would be perfect.

11.) Read a new book.

The extra time indoors allows you plenty of opportunities to get lost in a book. The winter is the perfect time to chip away at your “to be read” pile.

12.) Have a pajama day.

Set aside one day (or more!) where you stay cozy in your pajamas all day. 

13.) Make paper snowflakes.
This is an opportunity to really get creative. Get out your white paper, scissors, glitter, glue, stickers and other fun craft items to make a winter wonderland of paper snowflakes.

14.) Have a dance party in your kitchen or living room.

The winter can make us need to release more energy than usual, so turn up the music and have a dance party. I love to dance while I’m cooking in the kitchen or sometimes my family will have a dance party at night before everyone goes to bed.

15.) Go stargazing.
Yes, the stars are beautiful any time of year. But picturing myself cuddled up in a blanket and enjoying the stars and the quietness of winter with my family sounds absolutely perfect.

16.) Catch snowflakes on your tongue.
I don’t think there is anything more freeing and kid-like than sticking out your tongue to catch the falling snowflakes.

17.) Bake cookies.
Find your favorite cookie recipe and bake a batch. We always like to bake sugar cookies and then decorate them with icing.

18.) Build a blanket fort.
Turn your living room into the coolest place in the house. Grab blankets and chairs and any kind of clips that you have and create an indoor blanket fort oasis. My kids like to take their tablets into the blanket fort and use it as a place to rest and relax.

19.) Go sledding down a big hill.

One of my favorite activities in the winter snow is sledding. We are lucky that our front yard is a big hill. If you don’t have a hill at your house, check out the neighborhood to see if you can find a fun hill. I know a lot of schools often have good sledding hills and they allow the public to use them during the snow. Just be sure that you can get to the sledding hill safely.

20.) Do something kind for someone.
Since we spend so much time indoors, sometimes it can seem lonely. Try to brighten someone’s day by doing something kind for them to remind them that they aren’t alone. Maybe shovel a neighbor’s driveway or take them some cookies.

I hope this winter is the BEST winter yet!

XOXO, Lindsay (Pursuit of Pink Blog)

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