With the holidays rolling around, it is the season of giving! If you're not sure what exactly to get someone, then a gift basket is a great idea!

Buying pre-made gift baskets can be quite expensive. Plus making a personalized basket of gifts is very thoughtful and will bring joy to any of your loved ones! Follow these steps to create an easy gift basket:

1. Find your basket 

You can't decide the contents of the basket if you don't know what size it is! So grab a basket, like the Winter 2022 Woven Basket and you are set to start creating!

2. Choose a theme

The theme may be based on occasion, like holiday based, or it can be based on the specific person you are gifting! Think about who you're gifting and what would really make them excited! That can be as simple as their favorite restaurant or coffee. Here a few ideas for themes:

  • Coffee Gift Basket 
  • Holiday Cookie Gift Basket 
  • Pet Gift Basket
  • A "Spa Day" Gift Basket
  • A Cozy Wine Night Gift Basket 
3. Make or buy your items

Based on your theme, now decide what items you would like to include in your basket! You can include store bought items, homemade items, or a combination of both. When choosing your items just make sure it sticks to the theme! For example, if I chose "A Cozy Wine Night" gift basket theme, I could buy my recipient a nice bottle of wine, and then paint a nice personalized wine glass to include. 

4. Layer & arrange your items

Gift baskets are all about presentation, and you want the recipient to see the items. Use crumpled tissue paper or gift wrap to push to the bottom and create an even layer. 

Now begin arranging each gift on top of the filler. You can start with the tallest item going in the middle and lean other items against it. Another way to arrange them is by beginning with the tallest items in the back and then the smaller items in front. Whatever way you choose to arrange the items, just make sure they remain upright when left alone. 

5. Add finishing touches

Adding in beautiful bows or handwritten cards are the simple steps that can make your basket that much more personalized! You can wrap their baskets in plastic wrap with a bow to secure the gifts or add a bow on the main gift and add cute details around the box like a gift tag or mistletoe! Get creative! 


Now you are all set to create the perfect gift basket for any occasion! We can't wait to see what type of gift baskets you make with the Winter 2022 Woven Basket! Make sure to post your creations and tag us so we can see :)

Happy Holidays!