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At #Decocrated, we don’t look at self-care as a simple indulgence, but an important part of your daily routine, regardless if you’re still rocking the #WFH life or have returned to our semi-new normal.

Here are five easy ways to use your #TwoTierTray for self-care. It’s about time to give the host with the most a little break, don’t you think?


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Not just for styling delicious goodies for your kids and guests, we challenge you to adorn your #TwoTierTray with an array of aromatherapy candles, diffusers and the like to create a relaxation corner. Whether near your vanity or elsewhere in your home, having a beautiful display of soothing items as a daily reminder to take a moment, and a deep breath, is a simple and effective way to build in little moments of relaxation in your day.

Motivational & Journaling

These are difficult times, which is one reason why we’re underlining the importance of recognizing, writing down, and repeating the positive in your life. Seeing what you’re grateful for, and being able to reflect on that at a later time, helps cultivate perspective and awareness for all that you have to be grateful for.

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It’s easy to get caught up in the stressful and demanding – so use your #TwoTierTray as a center of gratitude and encouragement in your home where you can write down and display motivationals and keep your notebook close for journaling.

Reading Nook

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We’re suckers for #BookshelfStyling here at #Decocrated, but there’s also something to be said about tackling your reading list one tome at a time. If you have a book you’ve been meaning to read, or one that you read often for encouragement and support, set it aside and display it on your #TwoTierTray in a dedicated corner in your home as a daily reminder to read a few pages a day.

 Afternoon & Evening Tea

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Tea time, anyone? We absolutely love it when our #Decocrators use multiple cups or organizers on the #TwoTierTray to further display all their goodies – so why not do the same with an array of teas? Whether you lean more toward Earl Grey or Chamomile, select a cute mason or ceramic jar to store your favorite teas, your teapot, spoons, sugar & anything else that’s your cup of tea.


Uplevel Your Home Spa Day

Is a washcloth just not cutting it anymore? Certainly not with how hot it can get during summer! We hear you, #Decocrators. So why not set up your #TwoTierTray in your bathroom or vanity and make a mini spa display to envy?

Salt scrubs, exfoliating masks, jade rollers, and moisturizing lotions are just a few items we can envision adorning your tray and making that home spa getaway just a touch more inviting and – you guessed it – relaxing.

At the end of the day, self-care shouldn’t be looked at as an indulgence – but a way of life and something worth penciling in (and styling a tray for) to encourage and remind you each and every day how important it is to save a little TLC for yourself.

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Who knows, maybe mixing metals is in your future 😉