When the seasons change, it just feels right to switch something up in your home decor. Shifting the color palette a bit to reflect what’s happening outside, adding pieces in anticipation of upcoming holidays, or just livening up your living space a bit gives you a fresh perspective and a new appreciation of your home.

When you subscribe to a service that provides selected decorative items for your home, you may be nervous about whether what’s coming will fit with your furnishings and color scheme. Choose your subscription service wisely by learning what to expect in a seasonal home decor box.


When you look for a home decor box subscription service, examine the service’s design ethos. Look for descriptive words like “modern,” “classic,” “casual,” or “farmhouse” to get an idea of the style of items you might expect. Pay attention to the images, fonts, and design of the service’s website to get an idea of the style you’re likely to see in their home decor boxes.


Most home decor boxes will provide a selection of six to eight items of home decor, ranging from pillows to wall art and decorative table clocks. If possible, review the contents of past boxes to see what types of items were included and how they work with each other to create attractive displays. This will help you conceptualize how similar decor items might work in your home.


When you open a seasonal home decor box, you should be instantly delighted by how naturally all the included items go together. There should be a similar design aesthetic and a complementary color palette among all the pieces, no matter how diverse. You should be able to envision the throw pillow on a couch behind a coffee table displaying several of the other items, with the wall hanging tying everything together.


Decor can be pretty and practical. Home decor boxes can include shelving and storage items as well as table runners, trays, or candle holders. All these items can add seasonal interest to your home while also serving the practical purposes of decluttering and keeping you organized.


A home decor box won’t do you much good if you don’t get some guidance about how best to use the pieces in it. Decocrated includes a description of all the items in the box and suggestions of how best to use them to enhance your home’s look. After all, if you had the time to shop and select items on your own, you wouldn’t have subscribed!

Likewise, if you’re one of the many who is mystified by how your girlfriend’s home always looks so put together, and you need help achieving that look yourself, Decocrated is there for you. In every seasonal box, you’ll find just the right finishing touch to give a room a completed feeling while maintaining the comfortable, modern farmhouse look you want to achieve.

Finally, your seasonal home decor box should bring added benefits, like Decocrated’s exclusive shopping opportunities and our online community. Here, other home decor enthusiasts can share ideas and show off photos of how they enhanced their living space with their curated Decocrated items. Subscribe today and see how Decocrated can help you add seasonal interest to your home!