The easiest interior designer you’re ever going to find comes in a box every 3 months

Meet Decocrated. A home décor subscription service that provides all the “must haves” for the season. We include a variety of neutral décor as well as items that have a pop of color that will set a room apart.

If you’ve ever watched a Hallmark movie, you’ve probably been at least a little bit jealous of how every home is perfectly decorated. But maybe you’re never quite confident in where to shop, how much to spend, or perhaps you don’t have the time. That’s why you hire a decorator, well sort of.

Decocrated is a team of home décor experts who are passionate about making a room perfect. Our subscription includes a quarterly delivery of 6-9 items specifically chosen to make your home stand apart from the rest. What’s fun and different about Decocrated:

  • New and beautiful home décor (each season)
  • Delivered right to your door
  • Season specific items
  • Discount prices
  • Unique gifts
  • Members-only shop
  • Community of décor loving enthusiasts, Decocrators

How big is the box?

It’s not the size of a refrigerator box, if that’s what you’re worried about! We specifically include items that will fit perfectly in most homes and that will be easy to store when the season ends. Items range from table runners to printed art, tabletop décor, and so much more!

We take pride in choosing which pieces belong and hope you enjoy them as much as we do! If you’re not sure where the best place is for an item, not to worry. Each box includes a Decocrated booklet that will explain each piece in detail and give you tips or ideas on how to use the item to beautify your home.

When do I receive my box?

Many of us want our homes to look seasonally appropriate. That’s why we make sure you receive your box at the beginning of each season.

  • Winter boxes ship the first half of December
  • Spring boxes ship the first half of March
  • Summer boxes ship the first half of June
  • Fall boxes ship the first half of September

Boxes are delivered four times a year, and the billing takes place on the 20th of November, February, May, and August for the season that directly follows. This way you have the right décor for the entire season!

The difference between Quarterly and Annual subscriptions

If you have a Quarterly subscription, you will receive a box every 3 months and the cost will be $79.99 per box. Keep in mind, each box includes 6-9 items with each item being valued at less than $12.

If you decide to pay for a full year upfront, or annually, you qualify for a 10% discount! Either subscription is a fantastic deal and let’s be honest, if you could put a price tag on this effortless way to decorate your home it would say STEAL!  

You want more

Now that you’re absolutely loving your refreshed home, do you want more? Decocrated has a members-only shop for customers interested in the “more.”

The shop includes items that complement every style and every home. You can also shop our collections

to complete the "perfect look" each season.

These members-only items are a fantastic way to supplement what you have already received in your subscription, and they also make great gifts for the décor-lover in your life!

Lastly, while our subscription makes a pretty awesome gift, we currently are not able to support international shipping.

Decocrator’s Community

Now that you’re a subscriber, you can have fun sharing your new décor online! The Decorator's Community on Facebook is a fun space to share your ideas and to connect with other subscribers. Upload photos, join group chats, give and get décor opinions from fellow Decocrators!

Who knew one box every 3 months could make such a big difference? Check us out, and get Decocrating!