How-to Stylishly Organize Your Bookshelf

Finding that you have way too much stuff and nowhere to put it? Well, here at Decocrated, we got your back! Let's break down some awesome organizing tips and get that clutter under control. (messy bookcase)

Let's tackle that messy bookshelf!

Step 1: Take that messy bookshelf and break it up into categories. (show lay flat of categories)
Magazines and loose papers: All loose papers will go into properly labeled folders and stored in magazine holders. Magazines will go into holders for safe keeping. Don't forget to always label! That way you know what you are looking for at a glance. Photographs: A great way to store all those photographs of those great memories that you have made is by keeping them in a picture box. Many of these boxes bring dividers so that you can label and categorize but if it didn't, fear not! You can create your own dividers by using index cards! Books: We would NEVER EVER suggest you throw away a book (always donate) but if you have books that you no longer want this is a great time to donate them to your local library, school or local church/civic center. Group the survivors by like colors. We will further organize these in the next step. Everything else: Many of us use bookshelves in different areas of the house. A great way to keep large objects (or many small ones) out of sight is by having what we like to call the "catch-all box." This box is a large storage that can house throws, pillows, toys or excess decor. Whatever you use it for, its used as a quick and easy way to keep larger objects organized.
Step 2:Making all of your storage look pretty. Eye candy storage: Go to your favorite store (Target, Ikea, Office Depot, etc.) and find some storage boxes that really add to your decor. We choose these cute patterned boxes and paired them with some coordinating solids from IKEA. Cute does not have to break the bank. Place these uber organized boxes on your shelf. Saftey Tip: We like to keep the small boxes (and usually the lighter stuff) towards the top and the heavier big boxes on the bottom. Safety 1st! Hint: Keep a visual balance with your boxes. If you notice we alternated the boxes on the shelves so that it created a visual flow and one side was not box heavy. Step 3: Adding flair Finally, thepi├Ęce de r├ęsistance, the decor. This is what we live for!
Use books as a style element: Create some color blocking with your books. Aside from being read books can create visual interest. The pairing of like colored books together creates a type of color blocking. Don't forget to organize them by height to keep a visual flow. Books can be creatively displayed, check out this blog at DesignSponge for some great styling tricks (www.designsponge.com/2013/09/styling-a-bookshelf-10-homes-that-get-it-right-5-tips-for-your-own.html )
Finally, we can now add those subtle touches that bring our style and personality into the room Pick items that display your personality and style. We added a mini vase with flowers for some color and our clip photo frame (did you know that is a free gift with every new subscription?) that houses our latest adventure (or art for the season). Now that we have learned how to tackle organization with style, show us your shelves by commenting below and don't forget to follow us on Instagram @decocrated and Facebook. #idecocrated