Fall is almost here, and it is officially time to decorate all of the spaces for this wonderful time of the year! Whether you go all out to bring the season of fall inside or just make a few pieces to embrace the change, we have a unique craft for you. Minimal supplies are required for this piece of art, and anyone can make it. You will need dried moss of your choice, this can be dyed or all-natural, hot glue, and a flat project surface. When getting supplies for this venture, feel free to gather what suits you and your home. Think about using dried leaves or other textured natural fall décor. For the surface, you can reuse a corkboard, an empty frame (remove the glass and leave the backing), or even some scrap wood.

Bringing the Outside Inside

Working with nature is always a beautiful thing, so why not bring the outside indoors? There are so many materials waiting for you outside and even at the craft stores. Fall typically brings thoughts of reds, yellows, and oranges but can also be full of color. The moss we are using for this project is a dyed type that is fully dried out. Using a hot glue gun for this project is a great way to adhere the moss to the cork backing. Hot glue typically works on all kinds of surfaces but be sure to do a quick test run on your material and project backing. Once your glue is on the backing, you can then start pressing the moss into place and repeating this process to complete in the space. If you want a more organic feel, be sure to go over the sides of the frame and overlap your materials.

Texture Makes an Impact

Over the top to minimal with everything in between, your home should reflect you and the ones you live with. For seasonal décor, the pieces should still reflect you and fit into the vibe of your home. When choosing material for your very own unique fall craft, keep your taste in mind. Texture is a great way to add dimension to your décor and make a large impact in your home. You can achieve this through your project materials and even mix a few together. Creating this mini focal point in your home will bring with it all of the possibilities of the season and have your guests asking, “where did you get that?!”

Now it’s your turn to bring the fall season inside your home to celebrate this beautiful time of year. The best part of creating your very own art is that you can use it with your existing pieces in your home. No need to re do all of your decorating. Even look for ways to incorporate your piece in with the displays you already have. This moss creation works perfectly in this home aesthetic and was able to use a few of the Decocrated Summer box items. The black metal clock with leather accents as well as the decorative wood window piece flows right into this fall creation. Fall in love with crafting something unique in your home and use Decocrated to make the season come alive.