It's finally Spring! The flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, the birds are singing. It feels like the whole world is fresh and new! Spring is usually the time for new beginnings, which is why many do deep cleaning, throw out or donate old clothes, clean up their yard, and... REDECORATE! Let's do that together with items of Spring 2022 Box and other pieces!

candle sticks, candle holders, black soho candle holders, metal candle holders, brick wall, black mantel

My fireplace mantel is one of the first things you see when you walk into our home. It's also usually a symbol of "coziness" or "warmth". For Spring though, I wanted to liven it up a little! I still wanted to keep it cozy and inviting, but neutral with a pop of color. So to stick with the neutral themed I incorporated the black metal candle holders that match perfectly with my mantel. 

Blue ceramic birds, blue glass birds, blue birds, set of two blue birds, on mantel

In this case, the chosen color is blue. Like a baby blue, Easter blue, bluebell blue! Decocrated quite literally read my mind with these bluebirds, and they were the perfect addition to the mantel, especially since my toddler's favorite animal right now is birds!

focal point, statement piece, jesus quote , says wash your hands and say your prayers because Jesus and Germs are everywhere, Framed quote, wooden ladder, blue beads

Now I'm a sucker for a statement piece... Something that really catches your eye and draws you in. Go big or go home, right? This farmhouse sign about Jesus and washing your hands is just so perfect! Especially coming out of such "icky" times, it's a good reminder for the whole family and our visitors.

Our Family sign, next to two ceramic blue birds

To compliment my statement piece, I decided to throw in something subtle. This "Our Family" sign is beautiful with soft gold cursive writing. It has hangings so you can hang it on a wall, but I thought it looked nice just on its own with our white brick behind it. Definitely not a statement, but a nice touch.

Wooden ladder, blue beads, set of two blue beads

Lastly, if you've seen any other my other posts on social media, you are probably familiar with this ladder. It is one of my favorite pieces from my Decocrated subscription box and it's something that I have been able to use season after season. In this case, I added that pop of blue to tie the whole thing together!

I hope you were able to catch the DecoLIVE I did with Decocrated on their Instagram account. What do you think of this Spring mantel? How would you incorporate these pieces into your home?