Bringing down the Christmas tree and any other Christmas decorations in January feels great, almost as if you and your house are getting a new beginning for the year. The Christmas season is busy. It's a joyous time but also hectic with tasks that need to be completed. Then Christmas seems to go by so quickly. We turn around, and it’s New Year’s. Are you the type of person that takes down the Christmas decor as soon as the holiday is over or do you wait till after the New Year? There are ways to save time and add a little extra magic, even after Christmas.

Removing Red Decor

Since red is a common color in most Christmas decorations, I go through all of my decor that I have up and remove all of the red items. This makes a really big difference by just removing this color. I will add more neutral pieces, such as white or brown items to replace the pieces I took down. One of the things I really like doing is adding in candle holders that are rustic. By using the flameless candles in the holders, it can change the whole aesthetic of a room.

Keeping Winter Green Decor

I have a lot of greenery around my home during all seasons. But during Christmas, I like using flocked garland and wreaths. Even after Christmas, keeping up anything flocked or wintergreen helps bring that feeling of winter indoors. If you use faux decor such as cedar, pine, or fir these will make great options in keeping up all winter.   

Neutral/ Cozy Winter Decor

Another option for getting your home decor ready for winter is leaving up or adding more neutral decor pieces. Neutral blends well with most furnishings and ornamental accessories, and you might include white, beige, or dark brown to provide contrast between items. 

Cozy winter decor is perfect for those who want the look and feel of a natural winter wonderland in their home without going all out. Snowflakes or stars are easy to include in this type of display. If you are trying to reduce or remove red or green from your home after the holidays, neutral colors may be the best choice for you. 

Holiday decorating for many families is part of what makes the holidays so special. Decocrated is an amazing company that has annual or quarterly home decor subscription boxes. No more going to the stores and shopping for hours. The home decor box will be delivered right to your door. Decocrated makes it easy to get your decorating completed and then you’re able to spend more time with family and relax as you’re headed into the new year. I hope these tips were helpful. Till next time!


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